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I've been mulling over how exactly to share my views on this for months. I've been reading all of the draft talk banter back & forth. Pro & con..........good & bad.......reasons for drafting him or not drafting Glenn Dorsey. In addition to all of the other guys we're considering at No. 2. As a long time Ram fan I know what it's like for us to be drafting early. This ain't my first rodeo, & I've been here b4. However an early draft pick, not to mention the No. 2 overall pick in the draft presents it's own set of problems. I'm sure many of us still remember the Lawrence Phillips DISASTER back in 96. We picked him as the 6th overall pick that yr. and he NEVER lived up to billing. All of the crying Vermeil did over that kid, was just a waste of time & that poor draft pick cost us for yrs. Luckily for us we turned it ALL around in 1999, w/ some key signings & the drafting of Torry in the first round.

But that wasn't the end (unfortunately) of our Rams making HORRIBLE selections in the first round. Heck even our GOOD selections are a mixed blessing IMHO. Torry Holt has been the BEST draft pick EVER in my recent memory. But what about big Orlando Pace? Ohhhhh yeah everyone loves our big LT, & I admit I've enjoyed watching him wear the horns over the yrs. But everyone seems to forget how much trouble he's given our organization as well. He hasn't always been the team player that many ppl think he is. Ohhh no there has been a Dark side to the BIG O, that alot of ppl have forgotten bc of his massive UPSIDE. (No pun intended). Heck even wikipedia doesn't mention ANYTHING going wrong w/ the Big guy prior to 99. Take a look.
Orlando Pace was the first offensive lineman in 29 years to be drafted first overall, following Ron Yary (Minnesota) in 1968. He is widely recognized as one of the best tackles in the NFL, especially in pass protection. At 6' 7"…...

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