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AT Computer Labs

Advanced Microsoft Excel 2013
Microsoft Excel is program designed to efficiently manage spreadsheets and analyze data. It contains both basic and advanced features that anyone can learn. Once some basic features are known, learning the advanced tools becomes easy. This lesson is composed of some advanced Excel features. It assumes basic prior knowledge of Excel, and it is expected that the objectives from AT Step’s Excel Essentials are known. This lesson will talk about the advanced customization and formatting features that allow for easier data manipulation and organization.

1) Learn how to Customize the Interface
2) Advanced Formatting: Custom Lists, Cell Groups, and Transposing Tables
3) Learn how to Reference Across Sheets
4) Advanced Formulas and Using Data Ranges
5) Using Data Validation

AT Computer Labs

Interface Customization
Most of Excels interface can be customized to fit many people’s needs. For some, customization makes tools more readily available by placing those tools in a location that is more natural for the user. This section will introduce you to customizing Excel’s interface by adding a tab in the ribbon, customizing the status bar at the bottom of the program, opening separate panes, and scrolling through a sheet with a static column or row. Adding a Tab in the Ribbon
In this subsection, we will explore the tab options in Excel. Tabs in Excel can be added, deleted and even reorganized. This feature is useful if you use a set of tools frequently as it can save time navigating between tabs.
1. Download and unzip the Exercise files from the At Lab’s website.
2. Open Excel and choose the blank workbook.

A recent change in Excel is the startup screen. In the past, Excel defaulted to opening a blank workbook. Now, you have the option of choosing a blank workbook, template, or previously created file.…...

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