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Social media and communication
Reading one: Is Social Media Sabotaging Real Communication?
Is Social Media Sabotaging Real Communication? Was published online at on the Thirtieth of April 2012. is a reputable online journal affiliated with the business magazine of the same name. The author, Susan Tardanico is the CEO and founding partner of the Authentic Leadership Alliance (ALA), a leadership and communications consultancy group and an executive in residence at the Center for Creative Leadership. Tardanico is well respected and recognised public speaker and consultant on communications, her experience and wealth of knowledge regarding communication in the workplace strongly contribute to the credibility of this article.
Reading two: The Internet and Social Life.
The Internet and Social Life. Written by John A. Bargh and Katelyn Y.A. McKenna and published in Annual Review of Psychology, Volume 55, 2004. Annual Reviews is a non-profit organisation that has been in publication since 1932. Annual review is a highly recognised source of scientific information and is considered a reputable journal amongst the scientific community. Both authors are faculty members of the New York University at the time of publication. This article is very comprehensive and is able to cite valid references to support their claims. As both authors are highly qualified and respected within their fields, and the publication it is reported in is reputable this contributes the credibility of this article.
Argument outline. Is Social Media Sabotaging Real Communication?
Overall argument:
To determine if social media and Internet based communication have had a positive or negative effect on communication in the workplace.

Supporting Arguments:
• Only 7% of communication is based on verbal or written word, the other 93% is non-verbal body language. The use…...

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