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First Essay: Sociological Theories of Social Inequality
The article “Marine Tracked Suspected Killer” is about the killing of the Chicago dermatologist that was murdered in his downtown office. It talks about how a marine helped locate the killer. The marine helped the police by letting them search the apartment that he shared with the killer in New York, where they found a cigarette with his DNA. Although, the killer fled to West India to avoid being prosecuted in the United States, the French West Indies has him in their custody. They have refused to extradite him because he is still part citizen there because of his mother citizenship in West India. The inequality that is portrayed in this article would be the custody battle of Hans Peterson with the French and United States government. The problem that the United States is having is that Hans Peterson has killed an American citizen in the United States and should be prosecuted by the U.S. government. Instead, Hans fled to the French government where they are protecting him from being prosecuted.
Also, I feel that Hans should be brought back to the United States for trial because he is not really a French citizen. He was probably born in the United States. The reason I say this is because the article states the only reason why he is granted protection by the French government is because his mother was born there, which consider him a French citizen. The French government is being inconsiderate about the U.S. government rules and regulations of their citizenship. The situations could be solved by prosecuting him in the French government but with the U.S. government rules. Comparing this situation with the power conflict theory which is stated in Weber multidimensional view of stratification, it states that a person, group, or community that is based on property ownership, respect, and authority in society…...

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