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Smart Cards for Future Healthcare Systems
Secure, efficient, reliable

Card-based e-health networks: cutting costs and improving care
All around the world, news­ paper headlines warn about the exploding costs of health­ care. Advanced medicines and technology are boosting life expectancy. As a result, people can now look forward to living past the age of 80 – twice as long as 100 years ago. This trend, however, has the side effect of driving up healthcare costs. As people get older, they need more frequent and more expensive care, causing the price of insurance to skyrocket. Clearly, something needs to be done to contain these costs. A number of countries have implemented conventional measures aimed at saving money. One of the most basic measures is the introduction of card­based e­health net­ works, which can help reduce costs remarkably. Card for physicians and phar­ macists, and a Card Application Management System (CAMS). Patient Data Card The Patient Data Card is a PIN­protected smart card incor­ porating a microprocessor and protected by cryptographic functions. It contains adminis­ trative insurance information and entitles patients to seek medical treatment. In turn, the patients give their doctors access to their personal medical data, which is stored either on the card or in the e­health network. The card can also hold information such as elec­ tronic prescriptions.

How to cut healthcare costs
1. Reduce fraud 2. Streamline administration 3. Improve communication 4. Enhance quality

Every project carried out by Giesecke & Devrient (G&D) has shown that efficient card­ based e­health networks have three main components: a Patient Data Card for the in­ sured, the Health Professional


Health Professional Card The Health Professional Card is a person­specific ID with a picture used by physicians and pharmacists. Like a key, it allows the holder to “unlock”…...

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