Sin and Temptation

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3/29/08 Temptation, Sin, Overcoming (TSO)

Temptation and sin affect us all?every stinkin' day.

Believe it or not, they follow a pattern

Look at the process King David went through in 2 Sam 11 to 12:25 or so.

(Two types of sins: "premeditated" and "on the fly"?this lesson's about "premeditated")


I. Not doing what we're supposed to be doing (2 Sam 11:1-2a)

II. "Mind Candy" (verse 2b)

III. The act itself (verse 4)

IV. Trying to Cover (11:5-27)


I. Confession (12:13a)
--Don't hide anymore

II. Chastening from Dad (verses 15-23)
--Hebrews 12:5-13
--If God didn't chasten us, He wouldn't really love us
--He's "training" us

III. Comforting
--God forgave David, and gave him another son, Solomon ("peacable")
--Solomon was also called Jedidiah ("loved by the Lord")
--God had accepted David
--Similar to Peter's experience

Sin always begins with our thoughts? temptation.

Max Lucado says temptations are as much an opportunity to do something good, as they are to do something bad.

How do we nip it in the bud?
--1 Cor. 10:13
--Hebrews 2:18


Temptations can be seen as mini-tests
--No curve?only pass/fail
--We should strive to pass EVERY test

Why? Luke 16:10
--If we are, then we're eligible for "promotion"
--If not, then we'll circle the mountain AGAIN

Read about the 10 Types of Tests from textbook

-Be on the lookout for these in your…...

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