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She Kills Monsters Critique

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SHE KILLS MONSTERS CRITIQUE I went to see “She Kills Monsters”. I read about the play before I went and was excited to see it because I had never seen a play that sounded so modern. I have friends that play Dungeons and Dragons, so I really could connect to the basic idea of this play. While watching “She Kills Monsters”, I was intrigued by the depth of the storyline and each character. It gave me “Wizard of Oz” flashbacks. Not only was this play highly comical and entertaining, but it had a good message: get to really know the people you love before it’s too late. This play started out funny. It continued to be funny until the very end. The sexual innuendos as well as the Dungeons and Dragons plot line kept the story fun and light, all the while floating on a much more important, serious theme. The production was not only trying to entertain us, but they were trying to teach us a very valuable lesson. You need to get to know the people you love before it is too late. They did this by using Agnes and her sister Tilly. Tilly dies, and Agnes realizes that she really didn’t know her sister as well as she thought she did. She thought she was just a nerd, but really, Tilly was strong and powerful. They kept this entertaining by working this lesson into the Dungeons and Dragons game and adding comedy to lighten the mood. This play was definitely doing. I, along with at least a majority of the audience in the auditorium loved it. I could tell this by the audiences’ reaction to “She Kills Monsters”. They laughed throughout the entire show at all of the humorous parts, were quiet at all of the serious parts, and seemed quite intrigued overall. I really enjoyed the lesson that I walked away with as well. Not only was this an entertaining play, but it made me realize that I need to maybe do more in my own life to make sure I get to know my own little sister. You never…...

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