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Sexual Dysfunctions

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Sexual Dysfunction

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Sexual health is an integral part of overall health. Sexual dysfunction can have a serious on quality of life and psychosocial and emotional well-being.

Sexual Dysfunctions

“Sexual dysfunction refers to a problem occurring during any phase of the sexual response cycle that prevents the individual or couple from experiencing satisfaction from the sexual activity.” Research suggests that sexual dysfunction is very common to both women and men. In Men being 31% and women 43%. There are 4 types of Sexual dysfunctions, which are desire disorders, Arousal disorders, Orgasm disorders and pain disorders. All four of these disorders are connected on psychological levels that are what causes these dysfunctions. It can occur all the time or just once at some point in their lives. Sexual disorders involve a circuitous interaction of physiology, assurance, experiences, emotions, style of living and relationships. Severance of any of these factors can affect sexual drive, arousal or satisfaction.
There are two types of orgasmic disorders the female orgasmic dysfunction and the male orgasmic dysfunction. This disorder causes a great challenge for women to have an orgasm while having sexual intercourse. There can be several reasons as to why she is not reaching her climax. Women with this disorder do not receive enough clitoral stimulation during the intercourse for her to be able to reach her goal in an orgasm. Also, some women prefer to watch then to bespeak in the sexual intercourse, which is why they don’t perform to there fullest. Another main dispute women encounter is they try to hard to have an orgasm and sometimes causes the complete opposite. Women experience premature ejaculation, but most of the time it is not even noticeable. The second division is the male orgasmic disorder, which is imperceptibly different from the female orgasmic disorder. A male can have an orgasm at the beginning of the intercourse or it can take him a long time to ejaculate. The reasons for this disorder are because he is having sexual guilt, emotional factors, and anger towards his partner, neurological damage, such as drugs, or sclerosis. Some times it can be a new partner involved which causes the male to premature ejaculate. Also, If the male hasn’t had any sexual intercourse in a while that can be a reason as well. Premature ejaculation in men is one of the most common forms of sexual dysfunctions.

The sexual response cycle has four phases: excitement, plateau, orgasm, and resolution.…...

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