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Setting Up a Moral System

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What should an effective moral system contain? At this point, I must try to combine what is best in all of the ethical theories and systems (e.g., consequentialist, nonconsequentialist, determinism, altruistism, etc.) I have examined in this course so far to determine a moral position.

The hope, then, is that the moral system brings about the greater good and happiness for all concerned.
But it is essential to first reflect and analyze the following five attributes that must be present for any moral system to operate and establish stability, order and security: (1) The Value of Life Principle states that human beings should respect life and accept death; (2) The Principle of Goodness or Rightness is ultimate to any moral system, and it requires that human beings attempt to do three things: Promote goodness over badness and do good; cause no harm or badness; and prevent badness or harm; (3) The Principle of Justice or Fairness refers to distributive, meaning that human beings should treat other human beings justly and fairly when attempting to distribute goodness and badness among them; (4) The Principle of Truth Telling or Honesty provides for meaningful communication; and (5) The Principle of Individual Freedom states that people, being individuals with individual differences, must have the freedom to choose their own ways and means of being moral within the framework of the first four basic principles (Thiroux and Krasemann, 158).
Accordingly, in Thiroux and Krasemann’s working definition, morality, or ethics, refers to how humans relate to or treat one another in order to promote mutual welfare, growth, and meaning, while striving for good over bad and right over wrong.

Out of these five attributes, I have recently experienced both the Value of Life and the Individual Freedom principles the most. For the reason that my younger brother committed…...

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