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Service Request SR-rm-022, Part 1
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September 4, 2014
Prescott Lerch

Service Request SR-rm-022, Part 1 This paper will the discuss the key stakeholders in Riordan Manufacturing who will provide requirements in the human resources project, describe information-gathering techniques and system analysis tools used for the project, explain what project scope is and the importance of it and describe the areas of project feasibility that are examined in the analysis phase of the SDLC. Key Stakeholders There are many stakeholders at Riordan Manufacturing, the key stakeholders that requirements would be gathered from are as follows: President and CEO Dr. Michael Riordan, Executive Assistant Jane McCall, SVP-R&D Kenneth Collins, Chief Operating Officer Hugh McCauley, VP International Operations Charles Williamson and the IT service managers. The stakeholders who can directly use the new system are also important as well. Information-Gathering To complete the system will require a set of information that will be categorized into numerous parts. This will make sure the system and processes are doable to the demands set by the SR-rm-004. SR-rm-004 is an analysis request for Riordan Manufacturing current human resources system for future integration. "Many techniques are available for gathering requirements, sometimes multiple techniques are needed to gain a complete picture (Mochal, 2008)."
1. One on one Interviews: A sit down with the client/stakeholders to ask what they need is the most common technique for gathering-information. To get the stakeholders talking ask open-ended questions, then ask probing questions. Plan the discussion ahead of time based on the information you are looking for.
2. Group Interviews: "Similar to one on one interviews, but more than one person is interviewed (Mochal, 2008)."…...

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