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Separate Accounting Rules for Small and Medium Sized Entities

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ACCT 5135
Spring 2014
MONDAY 5:45-9:05pm
HMH 1-103

Instructor: Tammy Naples, CPA, MBT
Office Hours: By appointment, CSOM 4-259
Phone: 612-624-6077

TA: Nathan Reigstad

Course Prerequisite:
ACCT 2050 Introduction to Financial Reporting

Course Objectives:
To introduce the student to the philosophical, economic and legal aspects of the United States federal system of income taxation. Specifically, the course will:

(1) provide a historical perspective with respect to the system of income taxation in general and with respect to various specific provisions within the system; (2) examine the interrelationships between legislative authority (the Internal Revenue Code), judicial, and administrative authority; (3) analyze the structure of the Internal Revenue Code and its provisions with respect to specific areas of the law; (4) introduce the reading of case law and other tax authority; and (5) provide a basic knowledge of tax research tools and techniques.

You will not be a tax expert when you complete this course, but you will be familiar with fundamental income tax rules, primarily with respect to individuals, and how the federal tax system works. The instructor will also attempt to provide some insight into the role of the tax professional in private and public practice in order to help you to determine whether the field of taxation is a viable career option.

Course Materials: (1) South-Western's Federal Taxation--Individual Income Taxes, 2014 edition, by Hoffman, Smith (2) West's Internal Revenue Code of 1986 and Treasury Regulations: Annotated and Selected 2014 edition (Code available electronically, but optional to buy paper version)


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