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Introduction: Throughout the years, the Simpsons has effectively used satire to point out the discrepancies in society. Satire comments on and criticizes society. The Simpsons episode, “Two cars in every garage three eyes on every fish” is used as a satirical commentary on contemporary society. Firstly, the episode uses satire to criticize political actions and views in society. Secondly, it uses satire to criticize moral values and lastly, it uses satire to criticize social incongruity.
Thesis: The Simpson episode, “Two cars in every garage three eyes on every fish” is used as a satirical commentary to display political, moral and social discrepancies in contemporary society.
Body Paragraph #1:
Topic Sentence: The episode uses satire to criticize political actions and views in society.
Quote #1: In one of his campaign advertisements, Mr. Burns is photographed on top of a battle tank.
Quote #2: Mr. Burn’s campaign staff plans to improve his reputation by degrading the image of the opposition leader.
Body Paragraph #2:
Topic Sentence: The episode also uses satire to criticize moral values.
Quote #1: At the beginning of the episode Bart rudely asks the reporter who he is.
Quote #2: Mr. Burns attempts to bribe the government inspector.
Body Paragraph #3:
Topic Sentence: The episode uses satire to criticize social incongruity.
Quote #1: Homer and Bart support Mr. Burns while Marge and Lisa support the opposition.
Quote #2: Homer begs Marge to help him the night Mr. Burns comes over for dinner.
Conclusion: Ultimately, the Simpson episode, “Two cars in every garage three eyes on every fish” is used as a satirical commentary to display political, moral and social discrepancies in contemporary society. Connect to human…...

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