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Date: 26th Aug 2014
Letter of Transmittal
21st August, 1961
Vice President,
Sands Corporation

Sands Corporation
Subject – Decision report after evaluating the options available for setting up a new plant either at Kimberly Street or Hampton.
Please find enclosed a detailed report on the current situation in the Sands corporation along with the report analyses, the current situation, the options available, the criteria for evaluation, recommendation and the action plan.
It is recommended to set up the plant at the Kimberly street by the Sands corporation.

Divya U
Executive Summary
Located in the Clairmont, a large and a highly industrialized city, Sands Corporation is a aircraft, automotive and agricultural equipment manufacturing company operating with three plants. Due to an increase in government contracts there is a need for setting up a new plant, as there is no space and labor available in the existing plants.
The two options available with the company for setting up the new plant are Kimberly Street and Hampton.
The evaluation…...

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