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Ming Rui Wu

Ms. Teresi

Period 4 14 August 2014

How writing has affected my my life Well, I think writing first impacted my life when I realized the impact that it could make on my life, if that makes any sense at all. I wrote my first poem in 4th grade. Granted, it wasn't very good. Nor were the ones that immediately followed that first one. But they will forever hold a special place in my heart because of what they did to me. They opened up the world of writing, the world of words, the world of possibilities. Reading and writing will give you a very real look at yourself. It's actually quite scary, because there's no censoring of the truths you normally hide from yourself and others -- if you do it right. If you feel a certain way that is violent or wrong, something you would never act upon but something that people don't like to admit is human, it will come out in your writing. The things in your subconscious surface almost in a willful way on the blank page. Now i like to think that I'm a much better poet. I do have several poems.I've really been trying to put a lot more than words into my poetry as of late. Someday, I want my poetry to have an impact on someone's life. Then I think I've achieved my goal as a writer. Writing can change your life as well, and for the better with time and effort, you decide. It might take a comment or compliment or adverse reaction, but writing that cameos from ones soul will be unleashed. Whether it is by blogging or by writing a novel, or by simply writing hubs you can make your own mark as a writer.…...

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