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Autism or autism spectrum disorder (ASD) are complex disorders of the brain. These disorders include difficulties with verbal and nonverbal communication, difficulties in social interaction, and uncontrollable repetitive behaviors. All of these can have different degrees of severity.
Symptoms tend to emerge between the ages of two or three
1 in 68 American children are on the autism spectrum
Autism is associated with intellectual disability, issues with motor coordination and attention
Other characteristics often associated with autism are: resistance to environmental change and / or change in daily routine unusual responses to sensory experiences
In some cases, those with autism excel in math, art, and music

Deaf and blindness are impairments in hearing or an impairment of sight. It can also be a combination of the two. This impairment often restricts access to communication, the environment, and people.
Both can be caused by birth defects, disease, and injury
Both can create difficulties in communication
With either impairment, students have the ability to excel in many subjects

Developmental Delay
Developmental delay is a condition of a child being less developed mentally and / or physically than is considered normal for its age. Often called “developmental milestones”
Can be caused by genetics, complications of pregnancy and birth, and environmental issues
Often observed with children who are born premature
There are five developmental areas evaluated: Cognitive development, Physical development, Communication development, Social or emotional development, Adaptive behavior or skills development Emotional Disturbance
Is a condition that exhibits one or more of the following characteristics over an extended period of time and adversely affects a child’s ability to learn:
An inability to learn that cannot be…...

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