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ADM3302 Supply Chain Management
Canadian Circulation Coin Distribution System
Overview of the Royal Canadian Mint

Founded in 1908 in Ottawa
Two types of production o Hand craft coins in Ottawa o Circulation coins in Winnipeg
Business Lines o Canadian circulation (5 cents to 2 dollars, including recycling) o Bullion & Refinery o Numismatics o International customers (Doing money for other countries)
800 million commemorative coins produced and distributed o New technology used on the last coins (Stamp)
Demands in Canadian: 4.5 – 5 billion o This demand is based on the coin orders, but also calculated with an IT structure analysing the market. o Trade and commerce activity is unknown, and invisible for RCM o Over this 4.5-5 billion
 8% comes from RCM production
 11% from recycling
 79% from bank inventory

Canadian Circulation Coin Distribution System (CCCDS)

Supply > Distribute > Authenticate > Enhance >

(Forecasting, Production, Distribution, Recirculation, Verification, Auditing, Consultation,
National Coin Committee.)

Finding the right balance between Coin demand and Coin supply
5 denomination
23 regional sites, 12 pool sites
10 financial institution
1150 forecast generated every week


Every coins are produced at Winnipeg, and then send to one of the 12 pool sites
Why Winnipeg? Maybe because it’s a central place!
Last shortage was in 2005
Higher demand on summer, and when there is big event like Olympics games
Product post 2000 last more longer due to a new concept (Steel in the middle of the coin) Contracts with 3rd party for moving inventory (Secured movements and facilities)
Coin pool site -> Financial institution -> Retailers -> Consumers -> Spend, Recycle or Save
Challenge with recycling: How do we integrate those coins…...

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