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Role of Hr Specialist in Ensuring the Link Between the Organizations’ Overall Business Strategies and Training.

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2.1. Development of training programmes


2.2. Role of HR specialist in ensuring the link between the organizations’ overall business strategies and training.


2.3. The influence of performance management, affirmative action, talent management on strategic training management
2.4. Robert Bosch (pty) Ltd.
2.4.1. Development of training programmes


2.4.2. Role of HR specialist in ensuring the link between the organizations’ overall business strategies and training.


2.4.3. The influence of performance management, affirmative action, talent management on strategic training management

2.5. Socomigh
2.5.1. Development of training programmes


2.5.2. Role of HR specialist in ensuring the link between the organizations’ overall business strategies and training.



2.5.3. The influence of performance management, affirmative action, talent management on strategic training management






According to MSG (2015), Training and development is vital part of the human resource development.. It is also become more important globally in order to prepare workers for new jobs. In the current write up, we will focus more on the emerging need of training and development, its implications upon individuals and the employers. Employment development is very important for the success of an organization. Employees would like to learn and develop new skills. Organizations are willing to improve efficiency and effectively the way they operate. While the both parties work together, it can lead to the organizational development and employee development. This paper will discuss the type and amount of training that can take place within an

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