Reservoir Dogs & Pulp Fiction: Life’s Parodies

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Reservoir Dogs & Pulp Fiction: Life’s Parodies

In the film Reservoir Dogs, Joe Cabot organizes the group that will participate in a diamond robbery. No one in the crew knows each other’s name. Since that is his intention, Cabot gives them codenames from a color chart. He names them Mr. Orange, Mr. Pink, Mr. White, Mr.
Blue, Mr. Purple, and Mr. Brown. It is odd to Cabot that the gentleman referred to as Mr. Pink disliked his codename. The name is just a code that will help the crew identify each other so no one expects him to start arguing about the name. Mr. Pink represents the outcasts of this society.
Every time he argues in the movie, everyone is quick to counter him. That is like today’s feminists, civil rights activists, and the differences between politicians, anyone who is against society’s “norms” is subject to criticism.
An expectation for a group of criminals is the fact that they can handle the pressure that comes with the crime. Yet, in this film, the group is made up of bluffers. They act desperately in almost every situation they find themselves in. For instance, when they found out someone was double crossing the, they all become panicky and start pointing their guns at each other. Another example is when Mr. Orange gets shot, he panics and pleads with Mr. White to take him to the hospital. This film teaches the audience that if one gives guns to an individual that has childlike characteristics, someone will get shot.
The film expresses Tarantino’s ideas as funny. The crew constantly argues on who got a better code name. They also make fun of each other. They also engage in conversation about how black girls don’t take harsh treatment from their men contrary to white women. All this illustrates the comedic part of this movie. The fact that the crew is made up of bluffers that are not really…...

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