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The roles of women has changed a lot in recent years. Once being known for just their duties as a cook, cleaner and sexual provider to her spouse, a women’s role has developed into a finical provider of a household and a leader to many others. When we compare the roles of women of this millennium to the roles of women in the books "An evening in Guanima" and "Mules and Man" we can see that these roles have not only changed but expanded as well. The stories that I chosen to base my essay on from an evening in Guanima is “Miss Annie" and "The Gallow Girl". As for Mules and Men I chose the stories "Why Women Always Take Advantage of Men", "Why the sister in black workers the hardest" and "The Quickest Trick". Within these stories we see that majority of the women are approached by man just for the beauty that they possess and are eventually "stereotyped" when a ring is placed on their finger. Based on my knowledge from these books a women is placed quickly into the world as the mother figure therefore limiting the things that they are really capable of doing. Within my essay I will show you how the roles of women have changed from the book to this era, prove that there is more to a women than looks and discuss why women are so quick to be labeled as nothing more than the "baby maker". There is more to a women that people do not see. We as a society base a person more on what they look like, act and talk that the qualities that a person possess. A women is more precious than gold The representation of women within the story Miss Annie can be viewed as a negative one. When it comes to a lady she is more than just someone’s slave.

The roles of women change every day. These roles are changing quickly because women represent so much more in the society today. From the beginning of time women have been known as just the care provider of the home as…...

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