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This is an excellent example of a remembering essay. Even though it is longer in length than you are required, the student who submitted it to me received the same assignment that you have. Note the many techniques she incorporates into her essay to make it personal and emotionally appealing to her audience.

Hope Ellison
English 1113, 10294
September 20, 2004

Live like You’re Dying Standing at a benefit to raise money for cancer a few weeks ago, I heard someone begin to sing “Wind beneath My Wings.” Hearing such an inspirational song made me start to think about the “wind beneath my wings,” my mom. Webster’s Dictionary defines the word Influence as “the power to affect others.” To me, my mom embraced this power. One look at her gorgeous white smile could make any obscure day instantly brighter for those around her, and especially for me. She possessed an overwhelming nature that could never be shaken; she was truly a pure, gentle soul. It is amazing how time can fly by without any notice or warning. One day our lives are routine and orderly and then another day they change drastically. Losing someone close to us often leaves us finally realizing what life is truly about. Most of us have at least one circumstance in life that totally transforms our perspective of the world. Looking back, I clearly understand how watching my mom battle cancer for her final year of life completely altered my outlook about everything around me. IN THIS OPENING PARAGRAPH, SHE BEGINS WITH THE RECOLLECTION OF AN OCCASION THAT PROMPTED A MEMORY OF HER MOTHER WHO IS NOW DECEASED. SHE ALSO USED DEFINITION TO GET ACROSS HER FEELING ABOUT A WORD AND THEN RELATE THAT TO HER MOTHER. HER LEAD IN INFORMATION CAPTURES THE READER’S ATTENTION AND SETS UP HER THESIS STATEMENT --- THE LAST SENTENCE OF THE PARARGRAPH. Throughout my senior year of high school, in her battle against cancer, my…...

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