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Reflection Webinar: How to Start a Global Health Career

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Webinar: How to Start a Global Health Career
Time: Feb 25th, 2016 @1pm, PST During the webinar: How to Start a Global Health Career, I acquired a great deal of valuable information about career preparation. Six leading experts in global health and social entrepreneurship shared their experiences about how they got started in the industry. Specifically, they talked about the best ways to connect with global health opportunities, skill sets that one should develop, how to conduct oneself in a job interview, strategies for cover letters, etc. When talking about skill sets, one idea that they brought up and I found very interesting was having cultural competency skills. Cultural competence is defined as “the level of knowledge-based skills required to provide effective clinical care to patients from a particular ethnic or racial group”, according to Wikipedia. Indeed, cultural competency skills are very important for those who are achieving global health career. For example, according to the research of Georgetown University, it is said that racial and ethnic minorities have higher morbidity and mortality from chronic diseases. However, the extent that these people access to health care differs because of ethnicity and race. The language barriers sometimes become a problem for medical professionals to give meditation effectively. Therefore, paying attention to develop cultural competency skills is crucial for medical professionals.

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