Reconstructing the Past

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Courtney Sands
December 4, 2015
Professor Sever
Criminal Investigation Unit 2: Reconstructing the Past As we are covering unit two within our discussion and seminar. As the assignment was presented to us. We have to discuss the methods of inquiry and how they are used in criminal investigations, then the steps to reconstruct a case and how we illustrate the concepts through a hearsay case, then understanding the fundamentals are identified witness, offenders, connecting evidence from the scene. A method of inquiry must be based on the assembly of the obvious, experimental, and measureable evidence subject to specific value of reasoning. It is part of the technical method, and they are used as part of a criminal investigation to achieve a number of goals, but biggest of which is usually determine the criminal. The scientific method is a systematic approach of observation, theory testing, and hypothesis evaluation that forms the basis for modern science.
The method of analysis, at the most basic level, includes interviews and interrogations, and a on a crime scene specific levels also includes canvassing. Who gives the investigators information on what they could have seen what possibly could have happened at the scene. Interviews are non-protective, and are the common way to gather information from crime victims and witnesses, or even from stoolpigeons who might passes further information to help shed light upon the facts on the open case. Cross-examinations on the other hand, are custodial, meaning they are conducted on people who have been arrested as suspects who may have perpetrated a crime. When investigator is seeking a testimony, if not an admission of guilt or a statement of innocence. While conferences and examinations are two different methods of gathering information, each with its own sole purpose, can be easily shifted one to another. When…...

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