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• From the study, it is abundantly clear that service quality lead the consumers to switch the service provider. So, mobile service providers need to satisfy the Consumer with good service.
• Mobile service providers should invest more on improving their network coverage in order to retain their consumers.
• Mobile service providers have to provide more offers for family and friends. Enticing offers still hold a major sway.
• All case firms should concentrate more on the influencing aspects (ISD call rate, free local SMS, booster packs and call cutter cards) in customer point of view in order to utilize the services more.
• Every customer looks for better features , mobile operators should try to include new features regularly.
• Mobile service provider should satisfy their current consumers by providing them innovative offers.
• Mobile service provider should accept valid feedbacks from consumers regularly and make sure that they satisfy the consumers.
The study reveals that service quality and brand image play the most important role in switching the service provider followed personal factor of a consumer. It is found that there is a relation between switching the service provider and the factors (Customer service, service problem, usage cost, etc.).
After analysing the findings of the study, we suggest that cellular service providers should concentrate more on increasing network stability . The findings also suggest that managers of these mobile operators should shift focus on building corporate image and analyse more carefully the reason for consumers to switch brands in this industry in order to increase loyalty among these consumers. Brands like Vodafone and are considered to be of more quality as compare to its competitors whereas are considered somewhat of same quality and nearby same cost. So these shoul…...

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