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Influence is unavoidable; our reality is not of our own making

Like a game, reality is dependent on a set of mutual laws and expectations rule-makers agree upon and there are penalties for those who go against the expectations of the majority such as the loss of a “life” or “game over”. Some have a lot invested in the game- wealth, time, effort, goals. Others see it for what it is; a projection of our imagination with a subjective sense of meaning. This game of life is far more complex than any board game like Chess or Monopoly because it represents a reality that offers greater levels of intricacy than which merely mimics or replicates an aspect or semblance of life itself.

Reality is transient. Reality is determined through the consensus of the majority and therefore is subject to change when the consensus changes, as happened over five hundred years ago when people began to realise that the then dominant view of the universe as geocentric as flawed. However, such change in the paradigm is inevitably accompanied by conflict as society divides between those who wish to protect the status quo, such as the Catholic Church which attempted to suppress the discoveries of scientists like Galileo, whilst others, like Shakespeare, welcomed new thoughts as shown in the naming of his theatre as ‘The Globe’ built in 1599. Shakespeare was a humanist who explored the exciting new possibilities presented by the rise of science in his society, and in his play As You Like It, Shakespeare refers to “all the world” as a “stage” where “men and women” are merely players with “exits”, “entrances” and “parts”, demonstrating his awareness that reality is as much a construct and not of our own making.

Wag the Dog, an award-winning black comedy directed by Barry Levinson dramatises the consequences of a system that merges government and mass media. In the film, the vulnerability…...

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