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Reliance Communication – India’s leading Integrated Telecom Company Prior known as Reliance Infocom Started co. with 60000km lay out of optic fibre cable. It was commissioned on 28Dec 2002 Started reliance with 14000 Rs and converted it into 60000 Crore business Business Wireless Broadband Reliance World Rural communication IDC carrier business Infrastructure business Reliance – SWOT

Wireless Reliance Mobile:
- 60 million subscribers/20000 towns/4.5 lac villages
- 90% of mobile sets are data enabled
- CDMA 2000 1X technology
- Reliance Mobile world – java based application for users
Broadband The uniqueness of Reliance Communications’ broadband initiative lies in the fact that our entire nationwide network is being conceptualised and built from ground zero. Our network is designed to deliver affordable quality education, drive governance, transform healthcare, enhance efficiency in business and, finally, generate new job opportunities for millions of unemployed Indians
- E-education : XIMB, XLRI
- Digital Workplaces
- E-healthcare: Alliance with Apollo
- Integrated Enterprise Solutions (Voice/data & video)
MPLS based VPN, leased lines, Gigabit networks, video conferencing & video telephony
Rural Communication It is a recognized fact that each point of increase in tele-density results in a 3 per cent growth in the country’s GDP.
- Village Public Telephones
- Rural Community Phones
- Rural Household DEL’s
- High Speed Public Tele Info Centres
IDC Carrier Business Internet Data Center Service provider
- 2 IDC’s in Mumbai, 2IDC’s in Bangalore, upcoming in Hyd, Delhi, Chennai & Kolkata
The Data centers are connected to Reliance's pan-India, optic fibre-based, high capacity IP network. The data center is further connected to 52 countries including US, UK, Mid-east and Asia-Pac through Flag Telecom ( A Reliance Communications group company) backbone and other undersea cable systems
Infrastructure Services RTIL is an independent wireless telecommunications infrastructure company in India, engaged in the business of building, owning and operating communications towers and related assets (together, “passive infrastructure”), which it will lease to the wireless operators under long-term contracts.…...

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