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Qld Tax Law Client Letter

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GPO Box 9966 BRISBANE QLD 4001

Tel: (07) 3111 0011 Fax: (07) 3151 0012 Email: ABN 60-222-555-333
16 January 2009
Ms Shona Bridget
72 Shepperton Rd

Dear Ms Bridget,

Re: Your objections to the Notice of Amended Assessment


Following an audit by the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) of your tax return for the 2007 income year, you received a Notice of Amended Assessment dated 26 March 2008. As a result of this Assessment, three increases totalling $9,400 were made to your assessable income, and four decreases totalling $16,300 were made to your allowable deductions. You have approached us to assist you in explaining the objections to assessments process, prepare relevant objections to the Assessment, and explain the applicability of the General Interest Charge included.


The Taxation Administration Act 1953 (Cth) governs the process for objecting to Amended Assessments prepared by the ATO. The Assessment is a definitive judgment of your taxable income, and you will be liable for the included amounts unless an objection is lodged.

We have completed a comprehensive objection form on your behalf, which we will deliver to the Federal Commissioner of Taxation for evaluation. This is the key document in the objections process as it explains assessments we deem to be incorrect and provides detailed reasons for the objection supported by applicable law. If you are unhappy with the Commissioner’s response, which can often take several months to prepare, you can appeal to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal, for a minimum fee of $574.


3.1 Up-front fees from Tom

The Commissioner has determined that the…...

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Attorneys at Law 
65-21 Main Street 
Flushing, New York 11367 
(718) 340-4200 

October 23, 2006 Willi Loman 
Loman's Fashions 
885 Seventh Avenue 
New York, New York 10017 

Dear Ms. Loman: 

I hope you've been well. Recently you wrote to us that Loman's Fashions had been sued by a shopper in Small Claims Court for a breach of contract. As you've described it, the shopper claims that she responded to an ad for a "manufacturer's closeout" of designer leather coats; the ad stated that the "early" shopper would "catch the savings." The shopper complains that Loman's failed to have the merchandise to sell at the advertised price. Specifically, you have asked for advice on the question whether Loman's breached a contract with the shopper under the circumstances. After researching the issue, and based on the facts set out below, I believe that a court would likely conclude that Loman's did not enter into a contract with this shopper because the advertisement was not an offer to sell the coats; thus, there was no contract that Loman's could breach. I will explain this conclusion more fully below after first setting out the facts as I understand them. 1 

Loman's Fashions, a retailer of women's and men's outerwear, distributed a circular last July advertising a manufacturer's closeout of designer women's leather coats for $59.99, coats that regularly sold for $300.00. The ad announced that the store would open at 7 a.m. on Friday, July 21, and stated that the......

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