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Week Five team assignment
Robert Ressler, FBI profiler shared his personal memories on the 2001 Criminal Profiling Research video. Ressler spoke about how he knew the criminals better than they knew themselves. He read each file and studied all there is to know of each person so that when he interviewed him or her, he knew the right questions to ask. Ressler knew each person’s back ground (childhood upbringing, relationships with family and people in his and her lives, employment history, social behaviors, motives for killings (Films Media Group, 2001). Robert Ressler interviewed a 6ft 9in 300 pound man in prison who killed 11 people including his grandparents, mother, and college female students by psychologically torturing each person then decapitating them (Films Media Group, 2001). The motivation for the killings were clearly unknown other than the fact that he clearly enjoyed torturing and ripping heads off his victims. Mr. Robert Ressler’s profiling skills was put to the test when conducting an interview with the serial killer. The time of the interview proved not to be at Ressler's favor because it happened to be at a time when the guards were serving other prisoners food, and were not available at his time of need. The serial killer realized that the guard was not there to let Ressler out after the interview and decides to psychologically torture him by telling him “how easy it would be for him to rip his head off his body” (Films Media Group, 2001). Ressler spent 45 minutes or so using his negotiating skills to negotiate with the serial killer to save his own life, until the guard came and let him out. The stress Ressler must have been under that day will forever haunt him (Films Media Group, 2001).
Transfer of learning is learning rapidly while developing a profound understanding of the task if knowledge or skills from previous learning is added to a new learning scenario (Darling L and Austin K, n.d). Therefore, to produce positive transfer of learning requires working in different situations and environments. Skills such as good listening skills, problem solving skills , critical thinking skills, monitoring skills, persuasion skills, system analysis, time management, negotiation skills, and being aware of others' reactions and understanding why he or she react the way they do. Using attitudes learned in prior situations to another learning situation is also part of the art of criminal profiling (Darling L and Austin K, n.d).

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