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One of the most successful and accepted coaching methods in the workplace is the GROW model. Coaching lets a coachee become more aware of what they can do with their life and prepares them to take more accountability for it. This technique is achieved through sessions, as in:

➢ Goal

➢ Reality

➢ Options

➢ Will

In the Goal stage, the coach enables the coachee to establish where they want to be or what they want to achieve. Once the coachee creates some goals for themselves, the coach and coachee work together to define the goals as clearly and distinctively as possible. But also as stated in Whitmore’s book, “Even if goals can be only loosely defined before the situation is looked at in some detail, this needs to be done first” (Whitmore, John. 2002, pg. 67). In the Reality stage, the coachee’s goal is evaluated against where they stand right now. This is where a test of the skills and/or knowledge the coachee possesses is made and it is determined what skills and/or knowledge is required to accomplish their goal. In the Options stage, the coachee builds on various potential paths between the current reality and the goal they want to complete. The solution is not to find the “right” answer but to take full advantage of the choices available. In the final stage, the Will stage, the coachee needs to commit to and take responsibility for carrying out the agreed action plan.

My workplace and classmate coaching experience is an ongoing learning process that I continue to develop every, single day. The workplace coaching is tremendously challenging due to the fact that my coachee is not very obliging and deems the process as repetitive and immature. I continuously have to engage the individual in the coaching process by asking questions if she feels comfortable with the…...

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