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It was a typical day, I was picking up my six year old, Xavier, from school and like always, I asked him how his day went and what color did he earn for the day. He is in kindergarten and they are ranked for their behavior of the day using a color system. When he comes home with pink, it means he had a great day, green means a good day, yellow means a day in which they struggled to follow orders or behave, and red meaning they were sent to the principals office. My son immediately replied that he earned green, I congratulated him and that was that for that particular conversation. The conversation was later picked up at home after dinner when he was doing his homework. The setting of this conversation took place at our kitchen table when I was looking over my son’s folder so that I could initial it on the square that has the graded color for the day. His teacher requires the parents to initial the folder everyday, that way she knows that we are actually looking at our kid’s folders. The first thing I noticed when I opened my son’s folder was that the color green was marked in pretty dark for that day, it seemed as if he put a lot of pressure on the green marker. Next to his color there was a note from the teacher that read, “Xavier had a rough day at school today because he cut Rosaura’s hair with a pair of scissors.”
I immediately turned to my son and asked him if he had cut a classmates hair with scissors. The expression on his face changed from a smile to a frown before I even finished my question. He knew that he did something wrong before he even came home that day. The goal of the upcoming conversation was not to make him feel guilty for what he did to his classmate but to make him understand that it is not okay to lie to your parents, the truth always comes to light.

Analysis of Communication Skills
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