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5820 week 2 discussions
Week 2 Tours
*Discuss your findings concerning Tours A and B, according to the topics listed below: 1. Identify key production planning considerations (which, when and how much of each to produce, methods of dealing with short/long term changes in capacity demand).
Tour A: International Paper, Androscoggin Mill’s central ordering department receives all orders and places them in open slots in their weekly production cycles. The manager of operations control must take into consideration how many machines are available, which ones run what process, and how long each process runs. The production schedule is very detailed but remains flexible to allow for changes. Demand for paper products is cyclical in nature and fluctuates with the economy. A linear program ran each quarter to optimize the schedule. Similar size orders were grouped together to eliminate as much waste as possible. Trucks and railcars also had to be scheduled for shipments. .
Tour B: Norcen Industries key production considerations would be scheduling. As a “job shop” they create a wide variety of products to fulfil customer orders. The production manager must make sure the workers were assigned and understood the correct tasks. Assigning the best operator to perform certain tasks help keep costs down and machines running efficiently. On-time deliveries are important to receive repeat orders. Small jobs were given preference to expedite billing. As drops in demand created fewer orders the foreman ran into bottleneck issues. 2. Identify potential bottlenecks (use process flow diagram in text) and discuss possible methods of breaking them.
Tour A: International Paper, Androscoggin Mill – Some of the potential bottlenecks could be caused by machine breakdowns, paper breaks, weight and color changes and lumber supply issues. Androscoggin Mill performed…...

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