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“Problems Faced by State Road Transport Corporations in India”

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“Problems faced by State Road Transport Corporations in India”
Dr.A.B.Dadas Prof.Anuja Ashtewale
Director Asst.Professor
Nevile Wadia Institute of Management Studies and Research (RGBS, Pune)

Road Transport plays a very important part in overall development of any nation. In India Cultural, Social and Economic development is directly dependent on road transport. Road transport is considered as one of the method of economic development of the nation. Passenger road transport has a very significant role in road transport. In India SRTC’s are facing various management problems. In this research researcher has made an attempt to find out various management aspects and problems faced by various state road transport Corporations in India.
Key words- Road Transport, Management problems, State Road Transport Corporation (SRTC)

Introduction- Road Transport is one of the important mobility function of any nation. Road transport is the strong backbone of economy and society at large. Road transport is instrumental in providing connection to various markets, businesses and people across nations. Passenger road transport in India has helped each and every individual in India to improve their quality of life. Civil aviation had never been a choice of middle strata of people and railways has failed significantly in connecting the rural places in India hence passenger road transport is the favorite choice of commuters in India. Both the private…...

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