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Part 1
What is the Issue? The issue in the article “Tiger Woods: Will He Ever Win a Major Championship Again?” is “Will Tiger Woods ever return to old form and win another major championship” I have determined that this is the issue in the article because the author is pondering whether or not Tiger will ever be the same golfer that he once was, and finally win that elusive 15th major championship.
What is the Conclusion? The conclusion in the article is when the author states, “ the answer is, simply, yes.” This is the conclusion that the author makes about the issue on hands, and he is stating that will definitely happen that Tiger Woods will regain form, and win another major championship before he retires as a professional golfer.
What are the reasons? If you look into the article for reasons why the author believes his conclusion, there are many possible options to choose from. I will focus on two main ones that appear evident to me. The first reason is when the author states that the oldest major champion was 48 years of age. He goes on to say that Tiger has 13 more years of golf before he reaches that age, which means he will play in 52 more major championships. The author then states that he would only need to have a winning percentage of 1.9% in those tournaments to capture that 15th title. The next reason that the author states, is that it seems that Tiger Woods always peaks when he is playing in the major championship. Even if he isn’t well prepared for the tournament or hasn’t been playing often, Tiger somehow finds away to finish in the top 5 of the tournament.
Part 2 – Ambiguous Phrases or Words
URL: 1) “Drunken Drivers Paid $1000 in '84”. “Paid $1000” would be the…...

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