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Problem Set#1 Answers
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Chapter 1


a) Nominal – closing stock prizes given for the most researched stocks on March 3, 2008 in Forbes

TMA $4.32 UTX $69.40 DBD $38.84

b) Ordinal - (Data taken from Forbes March 3, 2008)

List of US cities in order as best places to get ahead are Stafford County, outside Washington, D.C., Forsyth County, outside of Atlanta; or Delaware County, outside Columbus, Ohio

c) Interval - Temperature forecasted for Mechanicsville, VA at different hours from Richmond Dispatch Newspaper

At 60F, At 9.00PM 59F, At 10.00PM 57Ffr d) Ratio Level – Stock market data for IBM with variations from Forbes, March 3, 2008

Stock prize is $114. Change is +.37 with .32%


a. Quantitative variables are selling price, No of bedrooms, and distance from the centre of the city.

Township is qualitative

b. Selling price –ratio No of bedrooms – Ordinal Township – Nominal Distance from the center of city - Ratio

Chapter 2


a) 2k > no of observations

26 = 48 > 45

We recommend 6 classes

b) Class interval ≥ (H – L)/K (570 – 41)/6 = 88. 16

We are selecting the class interval as 90

c) We are selecting lower limit as 40 d)

Amount in $ Frequency
40 up to 130 6
130 up to 220 10
220 up to 310 17
310 up to 400 8
400 up to 490 3
490 up to 580 1
Total 45




No of hours Frequency
0 up to 2 7
2 up to 4 11
4 up to 6 19
6 up to 8 12
8 up to 10 10
10 up to 12 1
Total 60

2. 2k > Observations 2k…...

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