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Princess Amelia "Mia" Mignonetta Grimaldi Thermopolis Renaldo
Her grey eyes are her "only attractive feature", according to her outspoken best friend Lilly Moscovitz.

Amelia struggles with her new role in the world as Princess of Genovia (a country loosely based on Andorra). For all of her childhood and a some of her adolescence, she prefers to wear combat boots and overalls (though she wears a uniform to school) instead of the designer wardrobe that is expected for her. She is fluent in English and is learning Spanish and French, though she sometimes humorously mistakes homonymous words for one another.

Mia often does inappropriate or mortifying things, particularly when she is in public. She bites her nails, obsesses over her cat "Fat Louie" (whom she admits to loving the most in the world; over her mother, friends and boyfriend), is concerned about her life to an exaggerated degree, and writes in her diary whenever she can. After being formally recognized as a princess, she is assigned her own bodyguard, Lars van der Hooten. Her failure at self-actualization saddens and frustrates her. She was a dedicated vegetarian until book #9 of the series. She lives on takeout from Number One Noodle Son and other local Noho restaurants.

[edit] Lilly Moscovitz
Lilly is a slightly overweight feminist with an IQ of 210 (at last count). She has a "squished" visage (similar to that of a pug) and brown curls, although later in the series she dyes her hair blonde. She is loud-voiced and outspoken, with an extensive vocabulary that Mia cannot always understand. She and Mia have been best friends since kindergarten and Mia lists her as one of her heroes.

Lilly's psychoanalyst parents, the Drs. Ruth and Morty Moscovitz, finance her public access television show "Lilly Tells It Like It Is" until Lilly baits Norman, a stalker who repeatedly asks for her to remove her shoes on camera. She finds a new producer in Tina Hakim Baba, who receives an allowance of fifty dollars per week.

She goes out with Boris Pelkowski, but dumps him in the fifth novel after meeting Jangbu, an attractive Tibetan sherpa; by the time she regrets the breakup, Boris has already moved on with Tina. Lilly later falls in love with John Paul "J.P." Reynolds-Abernathy IV and goes out with him for roughly six months until he breaks up with her, blaming the way that Lilly treats people - particularly Mia. However, J.P. actually broke up with her because he was falling in love with Mia, which leads to an estrangement between the two girls.

Lilly goes on to create the website[1], dedicated to criticizing Mia to the point of general abuse. By the end of the ninth installment of the series, they seem irrevocably estranged, but the reason for Lilly's coldness towards Mia is revealed in the last novel, Forever Princess, and they resume their friendship.

[edit] Michael Moscovitz
Lilly's older brother, Michael, is the love of Mia's life. Like Lilly, he is highly intelligent and academic; unlike her, Michael is much more socially adept, very perceptive, and "wise beyond his years", as well as the most normal and stable member of his neurotic family. He is a fan of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Xena: Warrior Princess, and Star Wars. He begins the series as a senior at Albert Einstein High School, where he is the treasurer of the computer club and co-valedictorian. Before dating Mia, Michael has a crush on her and is very irritated when Mia appears to like other boys. In the first book Mia dresses up to go to her grandmothers and Michael mistakenly thinks she is going on a date. On several occasions he attempts to ask her out, but is always interrupted. Later when Mia starts to date Kenny, Michael is secretly crushed which leads him to spend time with Judith Gershner.

Mia has a long-standing crush on Michael and likes the "smell of his neck", as well as his "surprisingly" well-defined chest. In Princess in Love, the night before Mia leaves to spend Christmas in Genovia, they confess their love to one another at the Non-Denominational Winter Dance and become a romantic couple. Michael gives her a snowflake necklace as a birthday present in Princess in Pink which she treasures as a symbol of their relationship.

In book eight, just before he flies to Japan for a year, Mia flings the snowflake necklace back at him and they break up because of his "dishonesty" about his past relationship with Judith Gershner. Michael invents a robotic arm prototype which a Japanese company hopes to develop for open heart surgery, an invention he later reveals was spurred by his desire to prove he was "worthy of dating a princess."

In the ninth book, Mia tells her psychologist, Dr. Knutz, about her feelings of inferiority to Michael, whom she expected to dump her for someone better; the "dishonesty" about Judith had been an excuse to dump him first. She attempts to salvage the romantic relationship with Michael; he refuses, but they become friends again. When in Japan, Michael is hinted to have been abstinent and later becomes a multi-millionaire.

Mia remains in love with him; Michael's feelings are no longer clear , although he previously expressed his serious intentions to the extent of marrying her and becoming her consort. Toward the end of the final book, Michael kisses Mia and tells her that he never stopped loving her and that he didn't think it was fair of him to make her wait. They later become a strong couple.

Dowager Princess Clarisse Renaldo
Clarisse Marie Grimaldi Renaldi is the queen consort of Genovia and Mia's paternal grandmother. As a young woman, she married Prince Rupert Renaldi and had two sons, Phillipe and Pierre. She habitually omits Mia's mother's surname "Thermopolis" from her granddaughter's lengthy list of names and titles. She speaks English most of the time; though she can speak Spanish and French.

She has a lot in common with Mia and conforts Mia when she is upset. She also resides in two palaces and lives with great wealth, although she doesn't presume much about it. She is a good friend of other royal families such as the Spanish Bourbon family and the English Windsor family. Not to mention, she is known for her relationship with the Danish royal family.

Tina Hakim Baba
A current senior at Albert Einstein, Tina is the daughter of a Saudi Arabian oil sheik and a British former supermodel. Due to her father's status, she is followed by a bodyguard, Wahim, which isolates her from the other students until Mia sits with her after a fight with Lilly in the first novel. All three girls quickly develop a solid friendship, and Tina eventually uses her generous weekly allowance to support Lilly's public-access television show. She first goes out with Dave Farouq-El-Abar from another school, 'Trinity'; she later dates Boris Pelkowski after Lilly breaks his heart. After Mia and Lilly's estrangement at the end of the eighth novel, Mia comes to see Tina as her best friend.

Tina constantly reads romance novels, making Mia consider her an expert on love. Though prone to imaginative flights of fancy and often seen (even by Mia) as a little silly, Tina can be extremely acute about both academic and social matters. Tina is very loyal to Mia, who consults her for sensitive advice rather than the harsher Lilly.

John Paul "J.P." Reynolds Abernathy IV
Formerly known as "Guy Who Hates It When They Put Corn In the Chili", J.P. meets Mia via the school musical written by Grandmere. Mia asks him to sit with the rest of her friends in 'Party Princess'. Surprisingly cute and talented, he becomes one of Mia's best friends. And in book 7 Lilly and J.P. become a couple. J.P. is first described as having 'broad shoulders, floppy brown hair, and surprisingly blue eyes', but the eighth and ninth novels state that Mia and J.P. look good together because they are both so 'tall and blond.' J.P. is Mia's chemistry partner in book eight. In book 9, J.P and Mia go to watch Beauty and the Beast on Broadway after the fateful events of the previous few days, and they both promise to forget both of the Moscovitzes, at least for the duration of the musical. J.P. eventually confessed his love for Mia and they became a couple. But broke up in the last book when Mia found out all the lies he had told her.…...

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