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Stephanie, you are doing a good job examining the problem here! As you revise, concentrate on the following steps.
1. Add a clear thesis statement. The thesis should include your proposed solution.
2. Focus on the organization, focusing on one main idea per body paragraph. First address the high rate of teen pregnancies before examining the why and the various negative consequences.
3. Omit the questions from the body as you concentrate on providing the readers the answers. While you may have these questions, work on answering these for your audience.
4. Finally, avoid speaking directly to the readers, omitting the second person pronouns (you/you). At this point, you will primarily be writing in the third person point of view. Let me know what questions you have as we continue. (

Reducing Teen Pregnancy Are you a teen parent? Do you know anyone who is? If so how do you see their life compared to when they were not a teen parent? Big difference huh, that is because becoming a teen parent is not as easy as people say. Becoming a teen parent practically ends your childhood. There are many difficult times; you give up a lot of your teenage years to be a parent. Teen pregnancy has been around since a long time ago many people have tried to reduce the amount but have not been successful. Why? Why can’t teens be care free and not have to worry of being sexually active and instead enjoy their teen years? Whether it is planned or not being a mother is not as easy as it looks. The number of teen pregnancy is the highest in the U.S. Why are teens being sexually active at such a young age? According to Guttmatcher Institute, young people have sex for the first time at about the age of 17. Thinking back to how our parents lived back in the day, they believed to be sexually active you would have to initially marry that person before doing anything with them.…...

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...Pregnancies among the ages 15-19 in 2006 statistics say rate was 60% above the national average in Wilmington DE. I think to prevent teen pregnancies parents should communicate more with their children about sex and ask questions. Kids have lots of questions about sex, and they often say that the source they'd most like to go to for answers is their parents. Parents should also supervise monitor their adolescents, such as establish rules, curfews and stands in behavior. Also to prevent early pregnancies parents should know their children’s friends and families. Friends tend to sometimes have a strong influence on each other. Help your child become friends with kids whose families have the values as you do. Parents should also discourage early, frequent and steady dating. Group activities among young teenagers under the age of 16 can lead to trouble. Take a strong stand against your daughters dating a much older boy, and your son dating a much younger girl. Friends tend to sometimes have a strong influence on each other. Preventing pregnancies you should also use condoms, birth control, or practice abstinence. Always be aware of what teens are watching, reading, and listening to music which sends the wrong message to teens. Each year, nearly 750,000 teenagers become pregnant. Teen pregnancy rates have decreased overall. Since 1990, statistics still remain too high and teen pregnancies still is on the rise. In 2010 President Barack Obama made significant......

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...| Argumentative Analysis | Teenage Pregnancy | | Alisha Hunter | Core 201 | | In 2009, the first season of 16 and pregnant aired (a show to prevent teen pregnancy) and right after, it leads to a follow up of several spin-off shows of Teen Mom (after life of the girls on 16 and pregnant and where they are with their kids). After the first episodes of 16 and Pregnant and Teen mom many more seasons began to come out; four episodes of 16 and pregnant in 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012 and then leading to three seasons of Teen Mom (Teen Mom 2 and Teen Mom 3). Shortly after the shows aired it was said that girls were getting pregnant on purpose just to be on the new television show. The newly show for pregnant girls isn’t helping girls prevent pregnancy. But more of leading girls on to become pregnant just to be a star get their 15 minutes of fame. Is the show really coming off as educational and realistic or are the shows making the girls make bad decisions. It all started with Maci, Farrah, Amber and Catelynn on the first season of 16 and Pregnant. The show was made to be educational and prevent teen pregnancies, to show young girls and boys about the real struggles of being a teen parent, showing the real struggles of parenting. It went into great and deep detail of the everyday lives of the girls. The show started off as a good educational show but then lead into more drama than just teen pregnancy. Catelynn had more than just issues with dealing with her adoption...

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...According to the Alan Guttmacher Institute (AGI), a nonprofit agency that focuses on sexual and reproductive health research, policy analysis, and public education, teenage pregnancy has adverse consequences for the parents, the child, and society. Pregnant teens are less likely to complete high school and attend college than teenagers who avoid pregnancy. Many teenage parents live below the poverty level and rely on welfare. The children of teenage parents receive inadequate medical care, have more problems in school, and spend more time in prison than children of adult parents. The National Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy (NCPTP) claims that teenage childbearing costs society about $6.9 billion annually; this estimate includes welfare and food stamp benefits, medical care expenses, lost tax revenue (teenage childbearing affects the parents’ work patterns), incarceration expenses, and foster care. In an effort to reduce teenage pregnancy and the problems associated with it, policymakers have recently focused on what causes the widespread poverty and welfare dependence that teen moms experience and have attempted to devise solutions to these problems. Some social critics argue that because pregnancy limits a teenager’s opportunities for education and well-paying jobs, many are forced to accept welfare to support themselves and their children. Only 64 percent of teen moms graduate from high school or earn a general education diploma within two years after they would......

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... Mrs. Boyce English 12 Teen pregnancy is a widely debated topic in todays society. Approximately 900,000 teenagers become pregnant in the united states each year before the age of twenty years old (Frick 21). The pregnancy rate for the united states alone for girls aged fifteen through nineteen stands at a eighty four pregnancies per 1000 girls (19). Countries like the United states, Romania, Belarus, and Bulgaria have the highest rates of pregnancy above seventy pregnancies per 1000 young women (19). Teen prenancy is one of the most controversial social topics of our time. Teen pregnancy has continuosly became a problem through the years. In 1950, the right thing to do if pregnancy occurred, was to get married. In 1955, only six percent of caucasian teenage girls were pregnant outside of marriage; today it stands at forty two percent ("The Elkhart Project").The teen birth rate was fifty percent higher in 1957 than it is now ("The Elkhart Project"). In 1992, the federal goverment spent more than thirty four billion dollars on welfare for families begun by teens ("The Elkhart Project"). Overly accepting attitudes from parents pose a problem in today's outlooks on pregnancy from teenagers. According to several studies, younger siblings of teen parents are two to six times more likely to become pregnant ( Frick 77 ). People say teen pregnancy is happening because eighty three percent of the television programs include......

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...Teenage Pregnancy Teen pregnancy is something that affects over one million young teens in the United States. For some, these pregnancies are planned but 85% of these teens the pregnancy is unplanned. This can cause a lot of endless problems in the life of the teen and the newborn child. There are a lot of things that can cause an unplanned teen pregnancy, such as teens experimenting with sexual encounters at a young age. Another major cause is the lack of guidance due to guardians that are blind or do not want to believe in such activities. These causes can have devastating effects on the teen and the newborn in the household. Some effects of early pregnancy will include an unexpected rise of responsibility for the teen and can cause many health concerns for both teen and newborn child. Teens experimenting are the leading cause in the unplanned pregnancies. As a teenager in high school ages there are a lot of peer pressures. Such as experimenting with alcohol and unprotected sexual intercourse. Drinking and the use of narcotics also largely have an impact on the judgment of the teen before the pre-pregnancy comes about. Experimenting can cause many effects on the teen and the relationships at hand, including the relationships with the baby’s mom or dad and also the parents of the teens. Another way of experimenting is the pregnancy caused in the sequel of either a long-time dating of the boyfriend or the other case of those random one night stands or hook-ups.......

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...Teen Pregnancy Thesis Statement: Teen pregnancy can be made by a mistake and I believe every teen that ends up pregnant should not be talked bad about and deserves another chance. I also believe that no one should judge a teen that has a child because they deserve to enjoy their blessing mistake or not. (a) This is a picture of a teenage girl that ended up taking a pregnancy test and finds out that she is pregnant.When some teens get their results they're either happy or sad and ends up making their decisions right away. (b) This is a picture of a teen that is pregnant and is dissappointed in the judgements that are going around about teenage pregnancy and now she feels sad and alone because she feels like no one is on her side. (c) This is a picture of a teen girl that takes a pregnancy test and finds out that she is pregnant in her early weeks. This picture shows that she is in her decision making mode and does not know what to do yet. (d) This picture shows a friend comforting her close friend who ends up having a positive pregnancy test. This picture is also explaining how you can talk to a close friend about your problems and you're more likely to know what to do after that. (e) This picture is showing a pregnant teen belly. This is an example of a pregnancy close to labor day. (f) This is a picture showing a teen mom holding her baby girl and giving her child the love a parent should give their child. This...

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...Government Levels and Teen Pregnancy HCS/457 » Public and Community Health 1/19/2015 Dr. Sandra Boyd Government Levels and Teen Pregnancy Teen pregnancy is one of the nation’s leading problems. With public health and community health so closely related, this issue can be found everywhere. Unfortunately, since this is a widespread topic, articles and opinions are valued from the national, state, and local governmental levels. The concerns or thoughts of the different stages of the government can be found in magazines, social media or the internet. Different websites from the diverse levels of government show varied findings but the same content of concern. Public Health VS Community Health “Public health protects the health of everyone, and community health protects the health of everyone in a particular community (Montero, 2010).” In my opinion, community health is interrelated with public health. Public health looks at everyone from all over and becomes concerned with things that may affect people at a whole. Community health mostly involves doctors, nurses, and other health care professionals that modify interventions to a particular community's needs. Since these workers are mostly connected locally, they are more familiar with the Public health of everyone in a particular community. Public Health promotes preventive programs geared to population health. This also plans, organizes, and evaluates health services and policies to deal......

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...Pregnancy: The Fight to Survive Sociology Research Paper Tri-County Technical College November 24, 2014 ABSTRACT Objectives: To research the causes of death during childbirth and infancy in nations around the world. To examine related health concerns of birth rate, death rate, birth defects, and how access to medical care in different nations contribute to the birth and survival of the fetus. Reviewing statistics of birth rates in all income nations and the overall affect on the population. Applying the Social Conflict theory as it relates to views on pregnancy. Explore different ideas on how to change declining birth rates and promote better health care for all nations. Key Words: Pregnancy, birth rates, death rates , birth defects,social conflict, health care associated with pregnancy. INTRODUCTION In December of 2013, The World Health Organization (WHO) conveyed a consultation on improving the measurement of quality of maternal, newborn, and child care in health facilities. This annual report proposed 19 core indicators for reporting on the quality of MNHC care in nations around the globe. While some key interventions have increased over the past decade, little progress has been made in the quality of care in some health care facilities around the world. The amount of health care coverage provided to mothers, newborns, and children in low income nations is very minimal compared to high income nations particularly in the United States where health care and...

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...looked at how the environment influences teenage pregnancy in the United States. The purpose of this essay is to identify how preeminent teenage pregnancy has become in teens ages fourteen and up, how famous it has become in the United States and how the majority of teens do not finish their education after becoming pregnant. The sources used in this essay provide the necessary information needed for readers to understand why and how a teenagers environment has become influential for them becoming pregnant. Teenage pregnancy is affecting teens by causing them to drop out of school and not finish their education which later results in a limited amount of choices when choosing a career. Outline Thesis: The social life of teenagers influences teenage pregnancy through pressure from peers, too much access to the media and lack of sex education from parents and teachers in the United States. I. Peer pressure in the United States is the major factor influencing teenage pregnancy in the U.S. A. During adolescence, teenagers often feel pressure to make friends and fit in with their peers. B. Many times these teens let their friends influence their decision to have sex. C. The Kaiser Family Foundation states that more than 29 percent of pregnant teens reported that they felt pressured to have sex. II. Excessive access to the media plays an important role in teenage pregnancy A. In the U.S today, the majority of......

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Teenage Pregnancy birth. That means that 13% of the babies born each year are born to teenagers, most of whom are unmarried and do not have the financial ability to support a child.  Today you all will learn about teenage pregnancy, including how many teenagers get pregnant and why, what challenges the mother and baby will face along the way, and what can be done to lower the incidence of teenage pregnancy.  More woman than you realize will experience a pregnancy while in their teens. 40% of white woman and 64% of black woman to be exact.  80% of these teenagers are not married and even if they are married the chance of divorce is about 8 in 10. Every 56 seconds another teenager gives birth in the United States making this the country  ranking number one for incidences of teenage births. 70% of these girls do not receive proper prenatal care putting herself and her unborn child at risk and 2/3 of teen moms drop out of high school. With no education she is forced to endure minimum wage jobs to support her child most likely ending up on welfare. With these startling statistics why do so many teenage girls get pregnant? Are they doing it intentionally? While 85% of teenage pregnancies are not intended that leaves the other 15% that do deliberately get pregnant. Most teenage pregnancy incidences can be chalked up to carelessness. Either they don’t believe it can happen to them or they are to embarrassed to purchase condoms, scared of going to the doctor to get on birth control for fear of......

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...In today’s society, we are often faced with many social phenomena. Among social media and other social platforms, people are debating their opinions towards one another against certain topics. One of the most popular discussions is abortion. Abortion is the forced ending of pregnancy by removing the fetus from the womb before completing development. Being a strong pro-life supporter myself, I have a lot of experience in debates on this subject. I have also researched a few things to further my knowledge on the violence brought into this highly sensitive and controversial debate. My goal in this essay is to express who I am and what I believe in by providing information and my own opinions on this topic. There are mainly two main opinions in this debate, whether a person is pro-life or pro-choice. As I have mentioned before, I am pro-life, which means I do not believe in the act of aborting babies or taking birth control pills that could kill their babies. Many people may disagree with me and say that I am wrong to take away anyone’s right to do what they want with their body. However; I ask myself; how is it right to take away a life? According to a recent survey given by Operation Rescue, 61% of women decide to abort their babies at the 9 week gestational period. Most pro-choice advocates would argue that the baby is just a embryo and has not fully developed yet but according to a legitimate gestational website, during this 9 week period the baby’s heart has divided into......

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...magazines that are inappropriate, but they do not see it that way. If a child see’s a famous celebrity or famous athlete that they look up to doing something, chances are they are going to do it as well. Adolescent pregnancy is such a huge issue right now because the younger generations are not getting the proper education on what can come from having un-protected sex. There are far too many young girls becoming pregnant before they even get their GED because they are having un-protected sex. If these young girls and boys were getting the proper education on sexual education, the rate of teenage pregnancy would go down. Today’s society needs to wake up and realize that far too many young girls are getting pregnant due to our lack of teaching them right from wrong. There is nothing wrong with becoming pregnant if you are in a relationship, and you both are on board with bringing a baby into this world. However, 82% of teen pregnancies are not planned (Guttmacher, 2015). There are so many young kids who are having un-protected sex whenever they want without even thinking twice about it. Many of those girls are ending up pregnant. Thankfully, teen pregnancy rates are on a constant decline, however, the United States still has one of the highest rates of teen pregnancy through out the developed world. Over 615,000 teenagers between 15 and 19 become pregnant each year, which comes to about 6% (Lowen, 2014). Those young girls are less likely to go to college and get their......

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...Teen Pregnancy Sabrina Marbury COM 172 June 19, 2012 Jessie Creech Teen Pregnancy In the United States more than one million teenage girls become pregnant every year (Plotnick, 1997). Only 13% of those pregnancies are intended (Plotnick, 1997). Teen Pregnancy has been defined as a teenaged or under aged girl becoming pregnant. Getting pregnant as a teenager gives her a higher risk of running into social aspects and economical issues that surround today’s teenage parents. Teens today are not educated the way they should be on safe sex or teen pregnancy. There are some consequences, big decisions, and great responsibilities a teen has to face once she is pregnant. Most girls seem not to care about being pregnant and overlook the matter that they are carrying a human being. Having a baby at a young age affects the life of the teen as well as the life of the child. Teen pregnancy has been a major concern in society today because of the lack of education and guidance teens have about safe sex and also the effects it brings upon the child and the mother. One main cause of teen pregnancy is the lack of education ("Lack of Parental Guidance," 2004). The lack of education on safe sex is a cause of teenage pregnancy, whether it is from parents, school, or a friend ("Lack of Parental Guidance," 2004). Teenagers with less education about sex and teen pregnancy are more likely to have an unintended pregnancy. Some teenagers chose not to discuss sex with parents because they feel...

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