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Executive Summary

Current models of careers have moved away from traditional, hierarchical paths to more horizontal ones. De-layering has meant fewer promotions and an alternative emphasis on skilling and cross-functional or cross-regional moves. Faced with slimmer prospects for advancement, many people have become disillusioned with careers in large organizations. Some recent research has described work and careers as moving out of these organizations altogether, into smaller, more entrepreneurial firms and into individual, consultant-type roles. Years ago, in the days before large organizations created career paths for their members, individuals were largely members of a contingent workforce, or were self-employed, self-sufficient farmers and trades people. Organizational careers were rare; individuals managed their own work. Given the shift just described, are we moving back to this kind of model? We consider past and current career models and set out a vision of future careers that differs from the past in one primary way: the existence of horizontal links that transcend geographic and organizational boundaries. As these links continue to grow, they will provide more opportunity and flexibility than were ever available under the previous systems—for those who have the knowledge and skills to take advantage of them.

Career Dimensions
There are many dimensions and layers within an organization. There are the obvious elements of an organization such as business strategies, profit margins, and product development that form an organization. One of the most important pieces of an organization is its human capital—in other words, its people. Employees make the organization. Without the employees none of the other elements in an organization can exist. Employees are not machinery or equipment that depreciates over time; they are assets to an organization that…...

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