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Pornography’s Effect on Sexual Crime Rates

Overview: Our Research Topic Be it in film, magazines or even fiction, pornography has always been a controversial topic. It is many things to many people: a guilty pleasure, a shameful addiction, a stress relief, foreplay, an obscene creation or even a vulgar pastime. However, as time passes, pornography is becoming decreasingly taboo, and this could result in a significant impact on societal values and perceptions.

Introduction: Questions and Objectives Long has there been war between those who are for pornography and those against it. Is pornography harmful or harmless? Just what are the effects of pornography on society? Is it just simply a harmless way to release pent-up lust or does it play a big role in shaping society? Could minutes of watching pornography a day affect society in a big way - say for instance, the rates of sexual crimes like rape, molest and sexual harassment?

In this essay, we will attempt to prove that there is a strong and direct correlation between pornography and sexual crimes by critically examining the arguments provided before we draw a conclusion. Our hypothesis is that, indeed, increased pornography viewer-ship will cause a rise in sexual crimes. This is an easy conclusion to draw, as one would expect those who frequent pornography to be more sexually imaginative, active and accepting as compared to people who would normally not watch pornography.

We are tackling this topic by firstly examining the research done and secondly comparing the various arguments as found through research. We will also compare two very different countries - Malaysia and the United States of America (USA) - in terms of their pornography viewer-ship rates and sexual crime rates so as to further solidify our stand that sexual crimes are directly correlated to viewing pornography.…...

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