Policy Issues Paper

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Policy issues paper
Brandon Quisano
September, 05, 2014
Oscar Diaz

Policy issues paper
In this paper, I hope to analyze and figure out what causes individuals to commit crimes and the many theories in criminology. Social process theory is one such assumption and argues that interaction and interacting with other individuals certain criminal behaviors are learned. There are four types of social process theories including: social learning theory, social control theory, social labeling theory, and dramaturgical perspective. The developmental process and background of social process theories will be discussed in this paper. Also the important parts of this theory to criminology and the pro’s and con’s that are a part of the theory.
Social learning theory is when consequences are observed of others and thinking about copying a behavior is called social learning theory. To put in a nut shell, this thoery explains that human beings are educated by observing others. Identifying certain patterns in behavior of the criminal kind and the values that went along with them theorists such as Edwin Sutherland, Robert Burgess, and Ronald L. Akers developed in the 1930’sLearning theory. Other well known theorists Albert Bandura also helped in this theory and developed Recipricol determinism that emphasizes how a person’s behavior, enviroment and their personal qualities all intertwined with each other. (“Learning-Theories.com”,2012).
Developed by Bandura are these steps number one Attention in order for an individual to lear5n and observation with strong attention of a behavior must be achieved in order to learn. Number two retention remembering what they observed and putting it into action. Third, Reproduction: in order for a person to reproduce the behavior the observed, they must have the capability to organize their responses. This can be accomplished with…...

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