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Background on the killer
Rex Allan Krebs had a shady past many years before he committed the murders of Rachel Newhouse and Aundria Crawford. Rex was from an abusive family. His childhood was very unstable. He suffered abuse from his real father, and then again from his step dad. One instance of clear abuse was when Rex was sent to school wearing a diaper when he was nearly six years old for wetting the bed the night before. In 1987 there was two brutal rapes. The victims had been attacked at night while they slept. Rex had crawled through a window at night to get to his prey. He was sent to prison in 1987 for these two rapes. He was released 10 years early for good behavior. It was found that he did not seek attention for his psycho impulses for fear the other imates would kill him. Krebs should never have been released from his sentence early, or possibly ever. Many residents of San Luis Obispo California were angered by the fact that two more ladies died at the hands of a repeat sex offender.
How profiling helped in this case
Profiling helped find Rex Allan Krebs guilty of the murder of the too young women. The man behind the profiling was an experienced FBI profiler by the name Marc Savard. Frist he retraced the first girls steps. Which led him to the bridge where blood was found. The investigation team found out that it was in fact the girl’s blood. Then at the bridge Mr. Savard toke a closer look at the blood splatter and came to the indication that Rachel had been attacked. Marc Savard said “ I have a pretty good idea of what happened to Rachel”. With the amount of blood at the top of thebrigde is most likely where the assault happened. There was not enough blood at the scene to indicate she was killed there so that mean he killed her somewhere else. Marc also said that they had a high functioning offender on their hands. This guy probably has thought about this and plans to do it again. Now its Marc’s job to make a profile of the killer.Frist he knew it wasn’t anyone she knew, then he figured out that the killer problem saw Rachel walking home and his modem was porbloby sexual. Next marc would look at the crime scene dynamics to help his profile of the killer. Then after that he got a good picture of who the killer was, he probably was a drug user and alcoholic. The offender likes to take his victims away from their homes. This indicates that we are dealing with a dangerous type offenders known as sexual sadist. Now the profile is that the killer/offender has a criminal history or even sexual assault. So they take a look at the sex offenders in the area, they came across a man that fit the profile given by Marc Savard. This man had attempted rape on two women and did prison time for it. His name was Rex Allan Krebs. Profiling helped in this case because of the profile given by Marc Savard of a sexual sadist. If marc hadn’t have found outthat the offender was that, they wouldn’t have caught him. Profiles are not 100 percent accurate, but they're usually found to be very close. According to Robert Keppell, the detective who took Bundy's confession, the profile assembled for Bundy's crimes was perfect, "even to the point where they predicted he'd have a step-brother and that's what he had"…...

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