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Overview of the Hospitality and Tourism Industry

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April Lynn Mobley
August 16, 2014

In this paper I will show the challenges involved in managing restaurant operations in the State of South Carolina. I will also address how I would handle the challenges. Then I will show the impact of computerization on food service and lodging operations in the state of South Carolina. I will then take a look at the interdependence of the food service, lodging and meeting segment of the hospitality industry and I will make two recommendations for how the synergy between the three sub- segments could be improved, using examples from South Carolina to prove what I am writing about. I will also consider how these segments could improve their relationship between one another and how they could combine their service so they could be more marketable. The last thing I will show is the likely consequences of the introduction of gaming entertainment back into the state of South Carolina. There are many different challenges involved in managing a restaurant in the state of South Carolina. One of the biggest challenges for managers here is ensuring compliance with various state laws and regulation concerning the health and safety in the Hospitality Industry. The Restaurateurs and management believe that they are at the mercy of the legislators. It is believed by management that they do consider the ramifications of the laws that are passed and what the impact the industry has on local economy and job market. Over the next two years there will be more changes that will affect the economy and also the employee’s pay scale. The managers need to keep up to date on current issues. Today most management teams use computerized point of sale terminals and register that control guest checks, kitchen orders, and guest payments. In addition, such systems can store a great amount of…...

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