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CTU 264 :: Pengurusan Maklumat Islam

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BAB 3 :: Institusi Maklumat Islam

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CTU 264 :: Pengurusan Maklumat Islam

3.0 Deskripsi Bab
Topik ketiga membawa kita kepada perbincangan tentang sejarah institusi maklumat dalam Islam, peranan serta falsafah pengurusannya dalam konteks sejarah dan semasa. Ia juga meninjau ikon Baytul Hikmah sebagai model pusat maklumat terulung dan tersohor dalam sejarah Islam.

3.1 Objektif Bab
Di akhir bab ini, anda perlu pastikan bahawa anda telah mencapai objektif berikut: a. Mengetahui perkembangan institusi maklumat Islam sejak zaman Rasulullah. b. Menganalisis peranan institusi maklumat menurut perspektif Islam. c. Mengenalpasti prinsip pengurusan institusi maklumat dalam Islam.

3.2 Peta Minda

Peta Minda

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BAB 3 :: Institusi Maklumat Islam


Institusi ilmu dan maklumat telah berkembang selari dengan perkembangan Islam yang bertitik tolak daripada penurunan wahyu yang pertama kepada Nabi Muhammad SAW di Gua Hira’. Menurut pendapat seorang sarjana Islam, beliau menegaskan bahawa institusi maklumat yang pertama bermula di Gua Hira’ di mana malaikat bertindak sebagai seorang guru dan Rasulullah SAW adalah muridnya. Tetapi menurut perkembangan sejarah tamadun Islam, institusi ilmu dan maklumat berlaku setelah Rasulullah berusaha menyampaikan ilmu kepada masyarakat yang mana beliau sendiri yang bertindak sebagai seorang guru. Baginda telah bertungkus lumus mengeluarkan masyarakat pada ketika itu daripada terus berada di alam kegelapan kepada alam yang bersinar dengan seri cahaya Islam yang gemerlapan. Justeru itu, perkembangan institusi ilmu dan maklumat boleh dibahagikan kepada dua zaman: I. II. Zaman Pemerintahan Rasulullah dan Khulafa’ Al Rasyidin Zaman Pemerintahan Khalifah Umayyah dan Abbasiyyah

Era Rasulullah & Khulafa Al Rasyidin

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...Islam discussion Sunni and Shi'a are the two main Islam denominations. Sunni is the larger of the two and represents about eighty percent of the Muslim population. They both believe in the sacred text from the Qur'an. Both of them have only one God. Men may marry up to four women. Denied Jesus died on a cross but He did go to Heaven. Both believe in the second coming of Jesus. For both the Sunni and Shi’a; Christianity and Judaism are people from the Book. Their differences originate from leadership. Sunnis’ elected the first caliph; Abu Bakr to lead “the people of Sunnah”. The Shi’a believe the rightful successor to the Prophet Muhammad was ‘Ali. For the Sunni Ali was considered “The lion of God” the first male converted to Islam and the warrior champion of the faith. On the other side; for the Shi’a people God refer to Ali as “Ali is from me and I am from him, and he is the protector of every true believer after Muhammad”. It is important to know that despite these differences in opinion and practice; Shi’a and Sunni Muslims share the main group of Islamic belief and are considered by most to be brethren in faith. Even most Muslims do not distinguish themselves by claiming membership in any particular group. They prefer to call themselves simply, "Muslims." Women are currently often considered second class citizens. They do not have rights or those few rights they are given can be taken away by their husband or religious leaders. Usually women are not allowed to......

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