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Packages Limited

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Packages limited

Packages Limited was established in 1957 as a joint venture between the Ali Group of Pakistan and Akerlund & Rausing of
Sweden, to convert paper and paperboard into packaging for consumer industry.
Over the years, Packages has continued to enhance its facilities to meet the growing demand of packaging products.
In 1968, with IFC participation, Packages integrated upstream by establishing a Pulp and Paper Mill with a capacity of 24,000 tons per year based on waste paper and agricultural by-products i.e. wheat straw and river grass. With growing demand the capacity was increased periodically and in
January 2003, total capacity was nearly
100,000 tons per year.
In 1982, Packages modified a paper machine to produce tissue paper in response to growing awareness and demand for hygienic and disposable tissues. The “Rose Petal” brand name was launched with facial tissues and was later expanded to include toilet paper, kitchen roll, and table napkins.
In 1986, the Company established a flexible packaging unit to cater to the increasing demand from consumers for sophisticated packaging used primarily in the food industry.
In 1993, a joint venture agreement was signed with Mitsubishi Corporation of Japan for the manufacture of
Polypropylene films at the Industrial
Estate in Hattar, KPK. This project,
Tri-Pack Films Limited, commenced production in June 1995 with equity participation by Packages Limited,
Mitsubishi Corporation, Altawfeek
Company for Investment Funds, Saudi
Arabia and general public. Packages
Limited owns 33% of Tri-Pack Films
Limited’s equity.
In July, 1994, Coates Lorilleux Pakistan
Limited (currently DIC Pakistan
Limited), in which Packages Limited has
55% ownership, commenced production and sale of printing inks.
During the same year, the Company initiated the capacity expansion of its
Paper and Board Mill to 65,000 tons per year and conversion capacity to
56,000 tons per year. At the same time, the Company also upgraded the quality of Packages’ products and substantially improved pollution control to meet the
World Bank environmental guidelines.
The said expansion was completed in
1998 at a cost of PKR 2.7 billion.
In 1996, Packages entered into a joint venture agreement with Printcare
(Ceylon) Limited for the production of flexible packaging materials in Sri Lanka.
The project Packages Lanka (Private)
Limited, in which Packages Limited has
79% ownership, commenced production in 1998.
During 1999-2000, Packages successfully completed the expansion of the flexible packaging line by installing a new rotogravure printing machine and enhancing the carton line by putting up a new Lemanic rotogravure inline printing and cutting creasing machine. In addition, a new 8 color Flexo graphic printing machine was also installed in the flexible packaging line in 2001.
Packages commenced production of corrugated boxes from its plant in Karachi in 2002.
In 2005, the Company embarked upon its Paper & Board expansion plan at a new site ‘Bulleh Shah Paper Mills’
(curently Bulleh Shah Packaging (Private)
Limited), almost tripling its capacity from
100,000 tons per annum to 300,000 tons per annum. Capacity expansion at
Bulleh Shah Paper Mills was completed in two phases., In the first phase, Brown
Board Machine PM-6 along-with high yield straw pulping & OCC plants and its back processes such as 11 MW Power
House, Gas Turbine and Primary Effluent
Treatment Plant were capitalized and commercial operations were commenced during the year 2007. Second phase comprising of Writing and Printing Paper
Machine PM-7, De-inking Pulp Plant,
41MW Power House, Steam Turbine and
Secondary Effluent Treatment Plant was completed in the year 2009.

In 2008, the Company embarked upon capacity expansion in its Consumer
Products Division through installation of a new tissue paper manufacturing machine PM-9 with production capacity of 33,000 tons per year.
With this capacity expansion, the
Company is now in a position to take benefit from export potential of tissue products in the international market, particularly the Middle East.
During 2011, a lamination machine was installed in the Business Unit
Flexible Packaging. This is Pakistan’s first high speed Solvent-less
Automatic Lamination Machine. It has turret winders for automatic reel and a capacity of 450 meters per minute. Paper Machine PM-6 rebuild project was also completed during 2011 leading to capacity expansion of
30,000 tons per year. The machine started commercial operations with enhanced capability of producing high value added liquid packaging and bleached board.
Moreover, the Corrugator Machine at Kasur Plant was upgraded in 2011 to improve efficiency, reliability, enhance capacity and reduce waste.
This upgrade activity has resulted in increased capacity of 14%.

Board of Directors

Towfiq Habib Chinoy
(Non-Executive Director)
Syed Hyder Ali
(Chief Executive & Managing Director)
(Executive Director)
Alamuddin Bullo
(Non-Executive Director)
Khalid Yacob
(Executive Director)
Mats Nordlander
(Non-Executive Director)
Muhammad Aurangzeb
(Independent Director)
Shamim Ahmad Khan
(Non-Executive Director)
Syed Aslam Mehdi
(Executive Director)
Syed Shahid Ali
(Non-Executive Director)
Tariq Iqbal Khan
(Non-Executive Director


To be a leader in the markets we serve by providing quality products and superior service to our customers, while learning from their feed back to set even higher standards for our products. To be a company that continuously enhances its superior technological competence to provide innovative solutions to customer needs.
To be a company that attracts and retains outstanding people by creating a culture that fosters openness and innovation, promotes individual growth and rewards initiative and performance.
To be a company which combines its people, technology, management systems and market opportunities to achieve profitable growth while providing fair returns to its investors. Vision
Position ourselves to be a regional player of quality packaging, paper & paperboard and consumer products.
Improve on contemporary measures including cost, quality, service, speed of delivery and mobilization.
Keep investing in technology, systems and human resource to effectively meet the challenges every new dawn brings.
Develop relationships with all our stakeholders based on sustainable cooperation, upholding ethical values, which the shareholders, management and employees represent and continuously strive for.

Integrated Management
System (IMS) Policy
We intend to be a world class Company that not only delivers quality products & services but also takes care of its personnel health, safety & environment as a whole.
We are committed to achieving this by:
1. Complying with all applicable laws and regulatory requirements. 2. Setting objectives and targets for reviewing and improving management systems.
3. Developing an effective IMS system to prevent incidents/accidents, ill health, pollution, waste reduction, hazards elimination and environmental impacts mitigation.
4. Ensuring that all food related packaging material is produced, stored and delivered in safe and hygienic condition as per relevant requirements
5. Continually improving our EHS and food safety management system effectiveness.
6. Creating a safe and work friendly environment for all stakeholders. 7. Implementing individual accountability to comply with IMS requirements.
This policy is applicable to each individual whether employee, contractor/sub-contractor, suppliers, visitors and all other stake holders of the Company.
Quality Policy
Packages Limited is strongly committed to produce quality products that confirm to consumer’s requirements at a competitive price. We shall continually improve our Quality Management
System and quality performance of all business processes.
We shall set quality objectives at all levels and allocate appropriate resources to achieve them.
We shall ensure that all employees are well aware of
Company’s quality policy and are motivated to apply it in their areas of responsibility.

Statement of Ethical
It is the basic principle of Packages Limited to obey the law of the land and comply with its legal system.
Accordingly every director and employee of the Company shall obey the law. Any director and employee guilty of violation will be liable to disciplinary consequences because of the violation of his / her duties.
Employees must avoid conflicts of interest between their private financial activities and conduct of Company’s business. All business transactions on behalf of Packages Limited must be reflected accordingly in the accounts of the company. The image and reputation of Packages Limited is determined by the way each and every one of us acts and conducts himself / herself at all times.
We are an equal opportunity employer. Our employees are entitled to a safe and healthy workplace.
Every manager and supervisor shall be responsible to see that there is no violation of laws within his / her area of responsibility which proper supervision could have prevented. The manager and supervisor shall still be responsible if he / she delegates particular tasks.

Total Productive
Maintenance (TPM)
We believe that TPM provides the life cycle approach of improving the overall performance of the machine/ equipment through:
• Improving productivity by highly motivated staff/ workers • Satisfying the customer needs by delivering the right quantity at right time with desired quality.
We are committed to follow the TPM principles to enhance our competitive position in the market and hence financial position by achieving:
• Zero accidents
• Zero breakdowns
• Zero defects

Core Values

Underlying everything we do and everything we believe in is a set of core values.
These guide us to deal with every aspect of any issue we might encounter in our personal and professional lives. These values help us grow inside and outside, personally and as an organization.

We are committed to running our business successfully and efficiently, providing long term benefits to our employees and shareholders, and enriching the lives of those whom we serve by fulfilling our corporate responsibility to the best of our ability. We expect excellence from all processes, whether they relate to policy formation and accounting procedures or product development and customer service.

Our policies and core values are aimed towards creating an informal yet stimulating team-oriented work environment with a culture of sharing and open communication. We cherish the diversity of viewpoint of every individual; we realize this encourages innovation and develops character.
All employees have the right to a stress and injury free work environment. All our employees are permitted and encouraged to afford time and attention to personal

Our People
The success of any organization is largely dependent on the people working for it. Each member of our team is considered equally important and provided constant training, motivation and guidance. We possess a dedicated staff of the highest caliber committed to making our business a success.
We ensure that every employee has the opportunity for maximum professional development. To achieve this goal, we seek to provide challenging work prospects for all employees. Each person is compensated and rewarded for his or her performance and hard work on a strict merit basis.

We expect and encourage our employees to actively participate in community service and to take care of the environment entrusted to us as citizens sharing the earth’s resources.

We are customer-driven; we go the extra mile to make sure our clients’ expectations are met and exceeded on every issue. We partner with leading companies to arm ourselves with the latest technology and provide customers with innovative solutions in the most cost-effective manner available

We make it clear that a sincere, honest and decent human being takes precedence over everything else. In the Packages family, there is an all-round respect for elders, tolerance for equals and affection for youngsters. Managers are expected to lead from the front, train junior colleagues through delegation, resolve conflicts speedily, be visible at all times and act as role models for

Code of Conduct

Packages Limited has built a reputation for conducting its business with integrity, in accordance with high standards of ethical behavior and in compliance with the laws and regulations that govern our business. This reputation is among our most valuable assets and ultimately depends upon the individual actions of each of our employees all over the country.
Packages Limited code of conduct has been prepared to assist each of us in our efforts to not only maintain but enhance this reputation. It provides guidance for business conduct in a number of areas and references to more detailed corporate policies for further direction.
The adherence of all employees to high standards of integrity and ethical behaviour is mandatory and benefits all stakeholders including our customers, our communities, our shareholders and ourselves.
The Company carefully checks for compliance with the
Code by providing suitable information, prevention and control tools and ensuring transparency in all transactions and behaviours by taking corrective measures if and as required.
Packages Limited Code of Conduct applies to all affiliates, employees and others who act for us countrywide, within all sectors, regions, areas and

General Principles
• Compliance with the law, regulations, statutory provisions, ethical integrity and fairness is a constant commitment and duty of all Packages employees and characterizes the conduct of the organization. • The Company’s business and activities have to be carried out in a transparent, honest and fair way, in good faith and in full compliance. Any form of discrimination, corruption, forced or child labour is rejected. Particular attention is paid to the acknowledgment and safeguarding of the dignity, freedom and equality of human beings.
• All employees, without any distinction or exception whatsoever , respect the principles and contents of the Code in their actions and behaviours while performing their functions according to their responsibilities, because compliance with the Code is fundamental for the quality of their working and professional performance. Relationships among employees, at all levels, must be characterized by honesty, fairness, cooperation, loyalty and mutual respect.
• The belief that one is acting in favour or to the advantage of the Company can never , in any way, justify-not even in part–any behaviour that conflict with the principles and content of the Code.
• The Packages Code of Conduct aims at guiding the “Packages team” with respect to standards of conduct expected in areas where improper activities could result in adverse consequences to the Company, harm its reputation or diminish its competitive advantage.
• Every employee is expected to adhere to, and firmly inculcate in his/her everyday conduct, this mandatory framework; any contravention or deviation will be regarded as misconduct and may attract disciplinary action in accordance with the
Company service rules and relevant laws.…...

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