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Today, professional athletes are one of the most overpaid careers in the country. Baseball players make more than a teacher, and football players earn more than a doctor. These everyday jobs teach students and save people’s lives. However, they do not earn as much money as an athlete, who gets paid for playing a game. These professional athletes cause an unbalanced power in society.
Today, professional athletes get a high salary for just playing a game. Baseball players in the Major League Baseball earn an average pay of $1.37 million per year. The average salary for a basketball player in the National Basketball Association is $2.2 million every year. However, a teacher only makes $38,000 annually. A doctor, who saves lives everyday, earns about $130,000 a year. These athletes are mainly for entertainment, but earn more than these important careers.
Hockey players, in the National Hockey League earn a paycheck of about $892,000 each year. A National Football league player can earn about $795,000 every year. In the United States, a fireman averages about $40,000 annually; this is not even close to the amount a football player makes. Police officers average a paycheck of about $29,000, this seems very small when comparing it to the high paying salary of these professional athletes.
Professional athletes earning this much money is negative because they are basically playing a game, which many people play everyday for free, however they get paid thousands and millions of dollars. Many people, such as firefighters, solders, and policemen, risks their lives on a daily basis and still do not make even close to the salary of a pro athlete. Teachers spend at least eight hours a day teaching the children in the country to get an education and earn roughly $40,000 a year. Professional athletes are earning more money than these important employees and creating…...

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