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Most of the company’s have a performance measurement and management system which deals with enhancing the performance of individuals or operations in a company, may it be a manufacturing or a non- manufacturing company. Performance measurement (PM) is a useful tool that helps the company reach its goals, and goals are straightforwardly described by Goldratt as, “the goal of a firm is to make money’, and without the right performance of individuals and operations, it cannot reach its goals. (TXTBK OPERATIONS MGT FOR COMPETITIVE EDGE).
First will define PM, and explain the use of PM in comtemporary business companies later explains how to appropriately conucdt performance measurement as discussed by scholars. Then will talk bout HD
Performance measurement can be defined as a prerequisite which helps in determining which aspects of an operation are good, bad or indifferent and to setting priorities, goals and timeframes for improvement activities’ (Terziovski 2002). Therefore it can be said that PM is a process which keeps various activities in control in order to enable it to reach its goals.
To adequately measure a firm’s performance, two sets of measurements must be used: one from the financial point of view and the other from the operations point of view and (TXTBK OPERATIONS MGT FOR COMPETITIVE EDGE) this work will critically explain the operations point of view in the contemporary business. Contemporary business has a great significance towards performance measurements in order to meet their objective and remain stable with a competitive edge over its competitors. The use of different strategies greatly harnesses the smooth and successful functioning of any business which will be described at a later stage. Trends have been changing in the past and are expected to be continuously on the run and a manager needs to be aware of the situations when the company…...

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