Operation High Roller

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Operation High Roller
Alejo Maciel II
March 25, 2015

Operation High Roller (OHR) was a brazen cyber-attack discovered in January, and made public in July of 2012 by computer security firms McAfee and Guardian Analytics. OHR targeted high balance accounts of both individual consumer and business financial institutions, using a new extensive level of automation built on previously known Trojans Zeus and SpyEye. Although no person or group has ever been identified for the conspiracy and execution of the operation, the attackers were traced to servers performing these attacks in Russia, Albania, and China.
According to the McAfee/Guardian Analytics report “Dissecting Operation High Roller,” the firms first identified the group’s initial attack in Italy. Analyzing the attack and identifying the new tactics the group used to successfully target the Italian Bank, the firms found strong evidence of a replication attack against a German bank. It wasn’t until subsequent evidence of attack campaigns within Latin American and the United States were found that the global nature of these attacks was validated (Marcus & Sherstobitoff, 2012). Over an undisclosed time period an approximate amount of $78 million, with a potentially maxed attempt of $2 billion, was successfully siphoned during OHR (Quain, 2012).
The group responsible for these attacks built their tactics on previously existing malware, custom malware, and an in-depth awareness of global banking transaction procedures. Their impact on information security set new precedencies in the use of automation during an attack; essentially removing any known manual transaction required from previously observed and documented uses of Zeus and SpyEye malware. Additionally, this attack has forced banking institutions to realize their vulnerabilities and begin assessing how mobile…...

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