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1. Discuss Jackie’s dilemma in terms of cognitive dissonance.

Cognitive dissonance is a state of tension that occurs when a person simultaneously holds two cognitions, thoughts or beliefs that are psychologically inconsistent with a person’s behavior. Cognitive dissonance occurs in terms of internal behavior wherein an individual’s thoughts or beliefs are rooted in inconsistency. In terms of dissonance, the psychotic individual may have conflicting views of their internal experience, their experience of auditory hallucinations, and the reality of their experience as stated by their treatment providers.
Quick research showed that this other company does not “properly” dispose of these types of waste products. Jackie immediately approached her boss, Charlie, with the data and was taken aback when he shared with her the extra costs that ended up being involved with several of her “greener” approaches. Disheartened, Jackie asked, “Is anything we committed to almost a year ago still in place. 1. How could this new information on Dorf’s actual recycling program affect Jackie’sperception of the company she works for? What impact could this have on her overallperformance? Are her personal values around recycling strong enough to determine whoshe works for?

1. Do you think Jackie should ignore the company’s choice to recycle or not and just keep doing her job? Is she willing to walk away from a good paying job with benefits? Are there other employers who are likely to be more open to recycling programs, and should shepursue opportunities with those companies?
I thI think Jackie should be able to tell about the discomfort happned about the companys choice to recycle or not. She should express what she has felt about the company.
II think Shes is not walking away from a good paying job with benefits.
There might be other employers who are likely to be more…...

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