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Norfolk Southern Railway For this research, I read a lot about the company’s background, but I mainly focused on looking for what types of software Norfolk Southern Railway have used in the past, what they are using as of today, and the companies that make these software for other businesses to help them manage their business processes. After reading the case and some relative articles, I have realized how important information technology is for any businesses; especially, for a company like Norfolk, whose main goal is focused on customer service and on-time delivering, it really needs a powerful IT to help get track of everything about its shipment processes. As the firm expanded, it needed more sophisticated technology to manage its operation more smoothly. According to the text, Norfolk, at the beginning, had one-terabyte Teradata warehouse, where the reports of all arrivals and departures, customer service, and cost data are located each night. It helped the managers know how the company is serving its customers and what they should charge for customers based on the cost of moving goods from point A to B. They developed a BI application for the TOP plan after the merging. Then, accessNS application was created. With this software, customers were able to view their status on their shipments themselves, whereas, in old days, they had to wait at least two days to hear from Norfolk’s customer service their shipment status. Also, the IT developed another application, called Report Wizard, which gave customers even more detailed information about their goods. In the text, Norfolk is now investing in enterprise resource planning system in order to make its operation even more efficient. I looked at many software companies that produce ERP systems. The one I found…...

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