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Every city has that one shopping center where everyone goes due to the various awesome advantages they get by shopping there. Some of these renowned shopping centers all over the world are Kolkata’s Boro Bazar, Bangkok’s Chinatown Market, Los Angeles Mall, and so on. I live in Dhaka, the capital city of Bangladesh where we have a similar shopping center called New
Market. Every inhabitant of Dhaka city is familiar with New Market and goes shopping there due to various perks like the variety of products it has to offer, cheap price and easy transportation.

New Market is that place where one can find anything, literally anything. The very first sight while entering New Market is the uncountable number of shops at every side one can gaze upon. There are shops where clothes of the most recent trends are sold. There are shops of everything- toys, bags, carpets, watches, kitchen appliances, jewelries, and many more. One can even buy furniture from New Market. The delicious fast foods along with Biriyani can be smelt far away from the restaurants which spread all over the premises of New Market. New Market is ideal for anyone who has a list of different products to buy within a very short time from one place. New Market does not only offer a variety of goods, but it also offers all of them in very reasonable prices. One of the very important reasons why people prefer New Market is because they can always negotiate the price of their desired goods with the salesmen. Customers can be heard bargaining over price with the salesmen in every shop. One can go and compare between products of different shops, give trails and then make their purchase decision depending on which shop offers them the best value over price. New Market can be so cheap that…...

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