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Running Head: Psychological Effects on the Abnormal Individual.

Necrophilia: And It’s Psychological Effects on the Individual
Shamara Mills

The College of New Rochelle-Rosa Parks Campus
Human Sexuality PSY502 ARDA
Research Paper
Instructor: Nunez

Necrophilia is a type of paraphilia listed in the DSM 5th edition in which the person has a sexual attraction to corpse. In this study I will examine the psychological effects of this disorder on the abnormal individual. I will take a look into different types of abnormal individuals and their personal behaviors. Some of the abnormal individuals I will discuss in this study are: Serial killers, teens with necrophilia fetishes, men who occupation is working with the dead. I will give insight into their personal thoughts reflecting their actions of the sexual disorder. I will also discuss different forms of clinical treatments associated with the disorder,

Necrophilia, a Greek word that means “love of the dead” is one of the rarest of known paraphilia’s, in which a person has sexual contact or attraction with a corpse. According to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders 5th edition, necrophilia is listed under sexual disorders that are uncommon. However, despite how disgusting the phenomenon is its practice more often than we like to accept as a society.
There are two major forms of necrophilia sexual and nonsexual. A necropile likes to just be in the presence of a corpse, while others actually engaged in sexual intercourse or fondling on the corpse and they are called necrophiliac. Cases of necrophilia date all the way back to 400 BC in Ancient Egypt. Necrophilia was practiced during those times as a spiritual means of communication with the dead. Evidence of necrophilia practices are shown in artifacts of the Moche Civilization of South America.…...

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