Nature of Logic and Perception Paper

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Nature of Logic and Perception Paper
Rationality is being governed by final causes. In this paper the writer will attempt to explain the nature of logic as it relates to critical thinking, identifying an instance in his or her life where perception of reality within a situation was far from the actual reality. In realizing the truth of the situation, the writer will discuss what he or she thought was going on within the situation, whether there was a difference, what happened, and describe what he or she learned in order to make a change in his or her critical thinking process.
Working in a non-profit organization, the writer became very knowledgeable about the nature of the business in a very short time. Being in a position to see the ins and outs of the organization, the writer realized the importance of achieving his or her goal of becoming the leader of a non-profit organization. An organization that specialized in accessing the barriers of at-risk youths transitioning back into the life of higher education, self-awareness, job readiness skills, financial literacy and an abundance of faith through faith-based structures.
Being an employee of an organization that focused on the same mission and values as the one he or she was interested in creating, he or she began to improve his or her work ethics in an attempt to be promoted within the company. Applying for several positions within the organization allowed the writer to showcase the skills and abilities that he or she had to offer. In the beginning of his or her tenure within the organization, the writer became very familiar with the process of the organization and soon realized after being an employee of the organization he or she was going to have to “play” by the rules of the game. Forming an alliance within the company was not an option he or she set out to achieve. Previously over the years, you were…...

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